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    San Andreas
  1. matt314hew

    The ^<v Game

    ^ thinks i am a retard < is not a retart v blew up a car in the first 10 minutes of SA.
  2. matt314hew

    Who's life would you take?

    I think i would take CJ. I am more like him than any of the other 2.
  3. matt314hew

    Whats you favourite town in SA

    i liked the abandoned airstrip. I just liked trying to do jumps off the planes that are all around. I also like Las Venturas for all of the nice cars and nice long straightaway. Plus the fact that you can cause a lot of havoc on the strip.
  4. matt314hew

    Favorite Radio Station(s)

    CSR 103.9 and radio x are what i normally listen to.