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  1. Madd Doggs Mansion, and Carl's house. Including the one next to the beach in Los Santos.
  2. I agree. Everyone on this board is special anyway, not including the people that disrespect the rules.
  3. I guarentee that they won't listen to you anyway.
  4. That's what they said 50 years ago? Or so I've been told.
  5. Sorry, I missed your birthday Spaz. Happy late birthday, hope you had a good one.
  6. No way, I wouldn't want them here. It'd be pretty cool if it was in Chicago, or in New York.
  7. Yeah, I think he gets it already.
  8. I agree with Airashii, the quality looks really poor. That could be the reason, but I don't think that you would age in the game.
  9. Wow, I can already tell this will be a great game. Good job Chris!
  10. Wow, you have alot of problems. Pick the folder where your Vice City ( Rockstar Game ) is. It's usually something like C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City Hope that helps.
  11. Wow, that's a really nice job. Did you use Adobe?
  12. Well, the other ones were pretty easy. But, the only one I really struggled on in Los Santos was the one where you had to get into that Army place, and take boxes and put it in the truck with the Cratelift. I had to do that mission over and over again.
  13. It's located downtown, right by the hospital and not so far away from the Downtown Police Station.
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