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    Computer Programming, Grand Theft Auto, Counter Strike Source, Day of Defeat, Half-Life 2, The Lawman, Hitman, Battlefield 2, Splinter Cell, Call of Duty, Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway, Scarface: The World is Yours, Multi Theft Auto, Rage Against the Machine, The Outfield, Game Modifications, Graphic Design, Guitar.
  1. Meltdown

    what safe house do you like the most?

    Madd Doggs Mansion, and Carl's house. Including the one next to the beach in Los Santos.
  2. Meltdown

    Favorite thing to do with Vice City?

    Stunting, of course.
  3. Meltdown


    I agree. Everyone on this board is special anyway, not including the people that disrespect the rules.
  4. Meltdown

    Rockstar Email Address

    I guarentee that they won't listen to you anyway.
  5. Meltdown

    Ice Caps Melting....

    That's what they said 50 years ago? Or so I've been told.
  6. Meltdown

    Spaz mods birthday! get the bawls!

    Sorry, I missed your birthday Spaz. Happy late birthday, hope you had a good one.
  7. Meltdown

    Stand Up For Your Country!

    No way, I wouldn't want them here. It'd be pretty cool if it was in Chicago, or in New York.
  8. Meltdown

    99% i want 100!

    Yeah, I think he gets it already.
  9. Meltdown

    Do you age?

    I agree with Airashii, the quality looks really poor. That could be the reason, but I don't think that you would age in the game.
  10. Meltdown

    Does anybody watch House?

    No, House is the doctors name.
  11. Meltdown

    IGN Interview Gordon Hall

    Wow, I can already tell this will be a great game. Good job Chris!
  12. Meltdown

    Vcmm Crazy

    Wow, you have alot of problems. Pick the folder where your Vice City ( Rockstar Game ) is. It's usually something like C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City Hope that helps.
  13. Meltdown

    IBStore 3.1 Beta UPGRADED

    Wow, that's a really nice job. Did you use Adobe?
  14. Well, the other ones were pretty easy. But, the only one I really struggled on in Los Santos was the one where you had to get into that Army place, and take boxes and put it in the truck with the Cratelift. I had to do that mission over and over again.
  15. Meltdown

    99% i want 100!

    It's located downtown, right by the hospital and not so far away from the Downtown Police Station.