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  1. Soultjuh

    The Official User-Bar Thread

    GTA:VC Addict userbar, I made it.
  2. Soultjuh

    Designing for free

    Do you need a signature, and don't want to spend anything? Then you're at the right adress here! Making pictures like the one above... Message me with your wishings, and I'll reply as soon as possible!
  3. Soultjuh

    Looking for a car?

    Chrysler ME412 is very nice, I hope that someone will import it to vice city!
  4. Soultjuh

    Just got...

    Set resolution to 800*600 or lower...can help you! adzpsp, good luck and have fun with VC
  5. Soultjuh

    Just got...

    Depends on your PC
  6. Soultjuh

    Who still plays these?

    I just installed GTA2, haha, look at the difference in graphics, but yea... It's still a nice game...
  7. Soultjuh

    Just got...

    It's great, really addicting, hehe!
  8. Soultjuh

    Looking for a car?

    If possible, Chrysler ME412 Thanks in advance! //Soultjuh
  9. Soultjuh


    Hey people! First of all, nice community over here! Well, my question. I found my GTA:VC CD again, and I wanted to give it a try, but the radiostations don't work, it gave an error while installing too...after reinstalling it 3 times, It still doesn't work.... Who can upload their radio station files to RapidShare.com or whereever you want? Thanks in advance! //Soultjuh