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  1. Wait- let's emphasize on that a little.... besides there being no planes, they say it's *just* a city.... does that mean no FORESTS, either?!?! One of my favorite features in San andreas is that it had places like Back o' Beyond and the hidden trails in the forests, you're telling me they're just going to cancel out that whole feature alltogether??! I mean yeah I love new york city just as much as the next guy, I LIVE here, but jesus I don't need a game that features just the city itself, hell all I have to do is just walk outside. I play GTA to "go other places", and to "get out there", among other things.
  2. Because an Adult has already gotten a chance in life, maybe even many chances. But a child doesn't even *GET* a chance in life until he or she gets older, and a baby dying is just... it's destroying what could have been. Any human being with a soul feels that pain.
  3. Maybe Liberty City portrayed as the *whole* state of New york? (okay that's not likely) Or the entire city at least? I live here so the city itself is enormous, R* will surprise me if they get the actual size of nyc right.
  4. Love is one of my favorite characters in the entire GTA series, I sure hope so! <3
  5. No R* wouldn\'t do that... the game would get banned everywhere if they did that.
  6. I like him, Russians are awesome! But I think it\'s kinda racist how they made his nose so big though.. I\'m part russian
  7. You know I was actually thinking the same thing! xD What I think is the coolest thing, but also scary, is that it's like this game was MADE for me and my best friend. Why? Because we're obsessed with Russian people. Like, make jokes about it, wanting to take trips there, and talking about it ALL THE TIME! She wants to even learn Russian that's how obsessed she is! It was just so weird when we watched it we were like "OMG!"
  8. OMG ITS A RUSSIAN GUY!!!!! So cool!!!!
  9. It's down!!! This cannot be!!!
  10. I need that URL we're supposed to go on again! The website's just not working AT ALL for me now. D: Omg 25 people stalking the thread! This is so great!
  11. 5 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!! *crosses fingers* c'mon Yakuza theme!! v>__<v!
  12. 9 MINUTES!!!!! This is single-handidly going to be THE greatest game created in ALL OF MANKIND. I can't wait squeeeee!!!! x]
  13. *runs around screaming* 15 MINUTES!!!!! Lol I'm annoying the crap out of my mom. XD
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