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  1. Cause they wouldn't be how humans are intended to be. It's like thinking killing is normal cause your dad is a terrorist. Exactly! If this guy is sugesting that straight kids can kiss other straight kids of the same sex and say 'who cares' then I think we have a problem, the system is fine as it is. Yes, gays are discriminated against and it is wrong, but gays will always be discriminated against, no matter what.
  2. After a long wait, I am finally at the end of the game, i'm on the mission where I need to pay $500,000 at the Cartel Mansion for Maria's ransom (I am asuming this is the final mission). Problem is, I only have $320,000 and I have completed all of the other missions, is there a quick way I can make big money?
  3. Well there are a number of gay MP's currently in parliament at this time, and all homosexuals in Britain are loving this new move by the government.
  4. I see what you are saying, but these are 4 year old kids for god sake, they don't need to know at such a young age
  5. The topic has already been posted a million times most probably, but I looked and I couldn't find it, so can anybody tell me what year it is set in, or is it unknown at this time?
  6. I would be, but i've made a decision that i'm not gonna buy the PS3
  7. Before I start, I would just like to say that I am not against gay rights or anything like that, but I believe that what is currently going on in England is wrong. Children in primary schools are being made to read books where a Prince rejects princess after princess before faling in love with another man and living happily ever after. Many people over here believe that this will have a hage psycological effect on children. This was supposedly planned by the government so kids would not form bad opinions about homosexuals and ridicule them when they are older, which I am against, but this is wrong. There is no point in confusing 4 year olds like that. What are your views?
  8. It's more like a treasure chest than a box, but you do loads of missions for him trying to retrieve this package that he wants, after you finally get it for him, the mission ends. You go to do the next mission for him and it just shows a clip of Claude looking around for him and finding an empty chest that has obviously been opened by Love, who fled with its contents.
  9. For those who don't think it was actually called 'the malibu' club in VCS, it was. On a radio station, you hear the dj saying 'club malibu'
  10. Yer, I found that liberty city stories was also very easy also...just still gutted
  11. Portland, it has the el train , the leone mafia are situated there also.
  12. It obviously had something to do with the open box that was left behind...I wonder what was inside it...
  13. I spent alot of my money on rocket launchers, is there any way of making big money after all the story missions have been complete?
  14. I think the game is very good and just as enjoyable as Liberty City stories, I like the empire stuff. But the one thing that peed me off most was the fact that you cannot go into the malibu club, is it possible to go in once the game has been completed?
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