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  1. Happy birthday man

    have a good one


    How many missions do you think it will have

    ild say over 200, because of the 100+ hours of game play. but who cares as long as they are fun, complexed and you get to kill people

    Confirmed Vehicles

    also if you look in the first trailer where the car had crashed on the bridge, well it looks like a lowrider, so possible the voodoo? plus i already said this ages ago in another topic but there is a billboard advertising a yellow/golden turismo

    Confirmed Vehicles

    hmm wasnt the buffalo in san andreas based on the mustang gt? and can anyone remember what that red car was that niko was driving in either a screenshot or the first trailer?

    The best blueprints site ever!

    yerr nice site, but... can someone send me a link fr a website that allows you to download the program to create the mods for gta?


    does anyone have the files to control the peds and cj's movements. i did some zombie mod and it went horribly wrong

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    that massive list is why santa doesnt bring you presents
  8. pirate radio stations. also a news channel, maybe you could hear reports of crimes you have commited, similar to those in san andreas
  9. some cars could be rusty, dented, covered in spraypaint (trucks in the trailers have been), and maybe in some poorer areas cars on breeze blocks with their wheels stolen? o yer bit off topic but the use to do detailed graffiti would be good aswell
  10. yes but you can just buy a controller to play them on, thats how i play mine. and there are tonnes of good games for the pc, but ild have to agree that a console is better fun
  11. BALLA_OG

    Vice city knowledge game

    love juice, what is the vehical parked roudn the corner to rosenbergs office
  12. BALLA_OG

    Returning vehicals plus new ones

    the blue convertable in the trailer looks like a vauxhall astra convertable, but im sure they wouldn't use the real name, but the model is very similar
  13. BALLA_OG

    Returning vehicals plus new ones

    i hope they put modding back into the game, and you can mod any vehical, that would make my day
  14. BALLA_OG

    More Realistic

    real car names will be a def no, because in one of the screens you see an advertisement for the turismo which as we all know was in san andreas
  15. BALLA_OG

    Guns/Weapons in GTAIV

    basically anything. but gun wise i would like to see things from a snub nose to something like a BAR, also a choice between guns that have an adjustable shoulder peice, such as the AK47. also maybe some bonus unlockable weapons could be things such as old fashioned guns, such as a tommy gun and so on. Also flash bangs so if your llow on ammo and have like too many enemies/police on you you could throw one and leg it