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  1. I used to have this application that played music from my PS2 disk, does anybody know what I'm talking about? If you can please send a link.
  2. jojobomb


    Read around thats how i did it
  3. I was wondering if the car and weapon sounds were in the Audio folder of GTA Vice. I have looked in there and could not find a file name related. Please help if you can
  4. When REPLACING a file the system thinks you are going to put the same size file in or atleast close to it. If the size of the new file is too big compared to the old one, your screwed
  5. Im not expeirienced with SA Modding. What are the file extensions for SA?
  6. I didn't like the look of the original, it was getting old. So I thought I would spice it up a bit. Sable black style. In order to get the full effect view the readme. landstal.zip
  7. I edited the texture originally from rockstar. Almost everything exept the top lights have been changed. In the readme are the colours (blue black) Feedback appreciated police.zip
  8. You can get a converter in the download section I think. In order for it to be a radio station, all of the files must be in sync one after another, creating a huge file. You will have to compile them yourself or find a tool that will randomize them together.
  9. This mod by me includes George Bush as a player skin, view the readme! I included player9.dff for some reason Bush.zip
  10. I always like to help out handling.bak.zip
  11. I didnt know that you could resize the pictures at the time. Here is a UK version bigger and sharper than the old one. Uk__d.zip
  12. I recently send an email to the complain department for GTA San Andreas because I got a faulty disk, but they havnt replied yet. It's been almost a year now Can somone please send me a zip or rar of the game. You can just send the setup data (which is less mb I think) I would be very gratefull
  13. It was suggested to me that I put my mods into a zip or rar. So I did. Superman, Spiderman, UK flag, Canada flag, Angel and new headlights, brake lights, blinkers ect. Bike_Pack.zip
  14. I tried to put tehm in a zip file but my comp is acting up and wont let me put files in it
  15. Including the neccisary files in the DFF, TXD, IDE, the handeling, ect Can you create a new car?
  16. The Uk version of the angel angelbodya8bit1282.bmp
  17. My first vehicle texture. Be nice. Let me know if you want more. The next one i will be making is a UK version. (you should know how to install it) angelbodya8bit128.bmp
  18. No, there is no limit, it's just a record of keeping track of your downloads. I used to have that problem, but I didn't watch the cars I uploaded, One car could mess up your game. So, I recommend saving your cars that you are replacing, (or renaming them) Or a simple process, download the GTA Mod Installer in the download section. So: Uninsall your game, Reintall it. While reinstalling, download the GTA Mod Installer. Just follow the onscreen instructions and you should be fine. If a car does not work, you can bring it back easily with GTA MI
  19. When I edited my wheels on the sabre turbo. (ViceTXD) I replaced the old file with the one I made. But the wheel dosent show up in game. Should I have deleted it first? Do I have to use a diff' program?
  20. When I just get into new car
  21. After I install car mods, some have the rear bumper drag and create sparks. Does this have to do with the col file?
  22. I'll try to help you. Try re-intalling GTA Vice City, make a backup of the files you usually modify e.g. gta3.img . Then uninstall IMGtool, and reinstall it following all of the directions. If you find the Tool not in a ZIP file, you have to instal it. Make sure you are administrator. And you shouldn't really be adding any other file than .img files. If you are trying to add .dir's or .bak's, It won't work. Hope this helps jojobomb
  23. It changes the white rectangular thing to green with precision tips siterocket.zip
  24. The pack has old Canadian 100$ bills instead of ordinary. Feedback if you cant more, or in what currency. (euros) Canada100s.zip
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