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  1. Hmm, interesting. Just one more reason to pick up a XBOX360 once Mass Effect hits the shelves (that is if I can ever find an elite). Still, I hope the content comes out for the PC as well since its so easy to download that stuff on the net. Oh well, a lot can happen between now and next year when it comes out.
  2. While I will probably pick it up for the PC once it comes out. Still, when it comes down to it Mass Effect is coming out on the XBOX360. Plus, there are a lot of other games coming out on the XBOX360 that interest me far more then the PS3. Since, I will be waiting until January when I upgrade my TV, Monitor, Case, and CPU; I will have a lot of time to watch the current game selection. Sometimes, its better to take a watch and see approach to the console market. I also keep hearing about possible upgraded versions of the consoles, other then the XBOX360 Elite.
  3. I was able to find an ADF to MP3 converter for Vice City. I was wondering if there is a converter that will take the radio stations from GTA3 and San Andreas and allow me to move them to MP3. I am just interested in chat channels (VCPR and KCHAT), the two from VC have really given me something to laugh at and keep me entertained while I work a mindless 10 hour shift.
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