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  1. well, ppl still can but Im sure most ppl's minds are set on making mods for IV :P

  2. Well SA is good!! Do they still make mods for it?

  3. I dunno abotu that one bro :P

    i love SA, and all the other ones.:)

  4. Well once you try GTAIV you won't wanna play SA ever again lol.

    Wii is pretty good! I got that

  5. But yeah, I have no nex-gen system, besides the Wii andd yeah. :/

  6. I just got a laptop, and a damn good one so I could probably run it but i

    m not going to try til' I get SA MTA on it =)

  7. LOL yeah I'll keep it!! You haven't played it??? Woah! Well I reccomend PC version, just cos you can mod is and use trainers and the like.

  8. And o rly?! Damn, you're lucky. I still haven't even played it. :/

  9. Bro of course I remember you and that silly llama picture which you better keep! XD

    Really though, you should start postinn again. oh btw its funny you still having the pushup thing in yer sig, i forgot about that when slayer and i started that =p

  10. Lol as if you remember me! I know not been on, just got GTAIV for the PC! Damn good

  11. Where you been man? Get on more :l

  12. I agree, but due to business reasons they are delaying the PC version and not even mentioning it until all GTA fans get a next-gen console and GTAIV, then they can release the PC version so we can all have fun modding and multiplaying if that's what you like.
  13. I really hope Gyms are still in GTA IV. And the idea of a Dojo is good too. Why not have both? A couple martial arts styles (karate and taekwondo), boxing, kickboxing, and then have some missions of some nature than involve bar fighting and getting paid. And a gym to train your body up, not too many regions but you can have upper body and lower body, and then stamina training as well - stamina increases the time you can sprint, stronger lower body increases how far and high you can jump, and how fast you can sprint (but not for how long), and upper body increases your punch strength, weapon aiming, climbing and dangling abilities. Might sound a little too RPG for some people but I think it's a simple method of adding some more freedom and fairness to the game.
  14. Well for me, the more GTA-style gaming the better, so I encourage the clones! Plus it creates some compeition for GTA so it keeps Rockstar on their fresh creative toes.
  15. It's confirmed for PS3 and XBOX360 in SOME form, no idea what that is. Nothing is confirmed for PC yet.
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