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  1. Great idea, I could get lost in my home town....like I do everyday. lol
  2. ~sigh~ Now if they would just hit the PC. Looks like it might be a nice addition to a fairly good game.
  3. Now all they need to do is setup a PC version of both DLC's and I will be at least some what interested in these. While GTA4 is an ok game, its still doesn't feel up to the other GTA's like VC and III. Oh well, wait and see I guess.
  4. The only thing I'm not looking forward too, is the the system requirements. I'm having all holy hell getting Mass Effect to work on my couple year old PC w/an 8800GT. I don't want to know what GTA4 will require. ~sigh~ Other than that, I can't wait.
  5. Gah, just the PS3 and 360 screen shots look amazing. I can't wait to see it on the PC. Shoot, I can't wait to get it for the PS3. lol! The wait is killing me!
  6. Cool, 3 talk radio stations. I hope they are up to Chatterbox, VCPR, and KCHATS standards. The ones from SA weren't that great. Looks like the only real problem is the wait. ~sigh~
  7. VCPR with KCHAT as a close second. Oops, I could have sworn I was in the VC section. I'm awake.
  8. EA the company that ruined Madden trying to purchase Take Two? Oh, thats scary as all get out. Why are they buying and merging with all these companies? Aren't they losing money with all the horrible ruined games they make over and over again? Oh, Activison was involved in CoD4 which we can all be thankful for.
  9. Now all we need to do is shut up Hillary Clinton and that Wee dude from California.
  10. I hope they put out some good talk stations like KChat, VCPR, and Chatterbox. I didn't listen to the music stations at all, just the talk stations. Unfortunately, the ones in SA weren't nearly as good as those in GTA3 and VC.
  11. I'm kind of thinking about picking up both. Pickup the PS3 version first, and when the DLC starts coming out pickup the 360 version. Unless, the DLC makes it to the PC version of the game, then I will just ignore my 360.
  12. Maybe all GTA fans could get together and sue ESRB if they try this with GTA4. They are basically telling us (especially since I'm 30+ years old) that we don't have the freedom to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness through an extremely violent video game that gives me a chance to shoot stupid people (can't do that in real life, so this game is a good substitute. ~grin~). I'm getting absolutely fed up with the ESRB just up and banning games with their AO rating. I didn't have a any interest in Manhunt until ESRB put an AO rating. I went and purchased it (its still sealed in the packages) so I could support Rockstar and Take Two. The game doesn't interest me at all, but supporting a company that put out 3 of my favorite games (GTA3, VC, and SA) is far more important then that fifty bucks. This will be another one of those games that I purchase it for the consoles, and then when it comes out on the PC I pickup another copy. ~grin~
  13. Congrats! This is one of my favorite GTA stops and its good to see its getting some recognition for all the hard work thats gone into it.
  14. Have to try them out. I play all 3 of my GTA's at 1600x1200 with everything on high. So, it will be interesting to see what happens. My current system specs are: 3700+ Athlon 64 7800GT 256MB OCZ Platinum 2GB PC-3200 Tried Vice City mod and I ended up with no less then and no more then 30fps. I wonder if the frame limiter is on, I haven't wanted to fool with it, because I wasn't sure what it would do to the game. Editing again, since I forgot to say how it looked. ~grin~ Absolutely amazing view. Should make the game much more interesting. Thank you.
  15. It would be great to see snow for once, along with all the fun that can fallow a snow fall. hehe.
  16. I prefer it on the PC, of course I had a horrible old 20" TV that I picked up in 1995. So, it did a horrible job on VC and SA. Move it to the PC opened up a lot of modding possibilities, and the graphics were a huge change. I have a Logitech Rumble Pad 2. so I didn't have any problems changing over. In fact, the ability to aim with my mouse on some missions (the one with Smoke and CJ on the bike running from the Russians) actually allowed me to get past the mission. Using the PS2 controller, I don't think I ever got past the mission. I may have to try VC on the PS2 with my new 32" REGZA, there might be enough difference to allow me to play it without getting a headache. VC was way too pink, and SA had this orange color that just drove me nuts on the PS2 and made both games almost unplayable. The PC versions didn't have that problem at all and with my HDMI to DVI connector I can either play them on my 19" in Hitachi, or move them to my 32" REGZA. A lot of fun doing that. hehe.
  17. Strange Lady: Citizens Raging Against Phones. Lazlow: Crapt? Your organization's called Crapt? What kind of idiot are you? What other stations was he on? I only typically listen to the chat stations, and I don't remember him on VCPR or KCHAT.
  18. He's Japanese, but he also has a lisp. Its not very funny. Killing him is pretty funny, but the way he talks isn't very funny.
  19. I would hope so. CJ had some good ones, and even Tommy had a few. Although, I would like to see a few more interactions between Niko and the Peds (other then running them over, and gunning them down because they are in the way). Still, GTA's sense of humor is the one of the main things that I like about the games. It would be horrible to see them remove it.
  20. I wouldn't even call it a sex mod. In most cases they are both clothed, and even then the best part of the game is listening to the comments. After the first few runs, it become pretty stupid. It was a pretty laughable reason for that idiot Thompson to get mad, not that anyone has any respect for the idiot. Never even heard of the guy (Florida can have him) until this came out.
  21. Well, never mind my last post. I FINALLY made it through the Vigilante quest to level 13 (I guess thats all I needed for 100%). Maybe it was just Brown Thunder that acted up and not the mission with that horrible police unit.
  22. I have noticed that when I do the Vigilante missions that after a while it will crash to the desktop or freeze. What sucks is the last 3 times I got to the last level and just as I was about to kill the last guy it froze on me. I have tried a fresh install, without mods (even though I flipped that stupid cop car way too many times) and it still does it. I'm a little frustrated as it has happened in Brown Thunder too. I doubt its my system: AMD Athlon 64 3700+ BFG Tech 7800GT 256MB OCZ Platinum 2GB DDR PC-3200 Hitachi 120GB Hitachi 250GB Creative X-Fi XtremeMusic
  23. Its just one more reason for me to watch and see. I'm still up in the air on picking up either a XBox360 or a PS3. Especially, since most of their games seem to be bound for the PC anyway.
  24. Oh thrill, I guess. Still, the system doesn't have a game worth picking up and its still too bloody expensive. If it wasn't for the XBox360's hardware problems, I would go that route. Oh well, I will continue to watch and wait.
  25. Hmm, thats interesting. Since I don't have a XBox360 yet, can anyone explain to me what this point system is? 800 points means what?
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