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  1. Yup... Well the reason im having the proplem isnt per say that the strangers and freaks wont start. Tanya isnt there at all. But my real problem is. I just completed Father / Son mission. Which ends with you dropping Jimmy off at Michaels mansion. After that.. Nothing.. No more missions. Not as Michael nor as Franklin.. SO.. Nothing more to do at all. Thats the problem.
  2. I hope this is the right place to post this. My problem is i just completed Father/son mission. I get the notification about strangers and freaks missions in various places of the city. I see a green questionmark just outside Franklins house. I go there - as Franklin and.. nothing. Aparently im supposed to talk to this Tanya or something. But there is nobody!. Im right at the questionmark according to my map. But she isnt there. Not at any time of day.. What am I doing wrong ?
  3. Well I liked how you could grab a Freeway and put on "horse with no name" while driving to the small city where you meet Catalina.. Personally even though the map will be completely new.. Id love to have them keep some of the places.. Would be fun to see Grove Street as it would look today..
  4. Very interessting indeed. I picture certain cars around the city where if you jack them, civil and uniformed cops will be all over you.
  5. kriss3d

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    I agree. Since SA i hated when I was walking down the street minding my own business (such as killing pushers for money) and some punks just start attacking me with guns right in front of a cop. If i defend my selv i got the cop on my tail as well. If i do nothing the cop wont notice the mob of a rival gang shooting at an innocent guy.. jeez.. Did they pay off the cops or somthing ? Somthing like from SA was in the last part of the storyline where everybody goes nuts and plunders and such. The city reacting to various things would be nice. In GTAIV you can hear about some of the missions like after blowing up a factory it gets mentioned in the radio stations. Thats nice. More of that please. It would be neat to have civil people react to you. Like if youre very wanted perhaps there will be warnings containing your describtion and people will run scared of you or somthing. If youre getting high mafiawise people should suck up to you. Vendors of hotdogs should pay their respect and offer you a free hotdog and that stuff. Id like to see more of that VC mansion style. Showing youre a high mafia boss. I felt it was quite odd in a bad way that the end of GTAIV lets you do a big mission for petty cash of 25K. By that time both times ive completed it, Ive had like quater of a million. When you got that much its odd to hear Nico tell people he needs the money to finally get a descent place to live for himself.
  6. I had a terrible fps lag.. Even with a top notch laptop ( pretty hardcore gamer laptop) But it all was perfect after i updated it to 1.3 patch so patch gta and it should run better.
  7. Well I could see CJ as some NPC since he already lives there and likely never moved away with the garages and business he has in the area. I wouldnt mind seeing him as a questgiver or perhaps a temp associate.
  8. Ive just read a danish review of the gametrailer. Its made by a new review show for danish television. According to them The suite guy we see watching over the city is no other than good ol Tommy.. It never crossed my mind but seeing as VC is in 1986.. it WOULD be somhting like that he´d look by now. Voice is the same according to them as well. The guy fleeing from the cops down the drain COULD also be.. wait for it... Old Busta aka CJ.. Though they either know somthing we dont or they put way too much into the trailer.. I dont know. But its worth a thought.. Just look at the picture of the video above.. It DOES look alot like a ~26 year older Tommy doesnt it ?
  9. Ah so its just his homecity.. Yeah ok that clears it out for me. I thought Los santos was diffrent. But yeah Id love to see how LS would look like today. I hope they kept CJ´s little grove.
  10. I cant remember Los Santos from SA. Can anyone refreshen my memory ? What does CJ do there ? Is it the garage business you move to with your sister that is located in Los Santos ? Or am i remembering this wrong ?
  11. Now play nice you two. Theres no reason to get all exited. And yes.. Its more like a teaser than anything else. Lets just sit tight and wait for R* to throw us a bone more so we hopfully get to see a tad gameplay or more plot. So far It does look a bit like mafia style (with that guy we so far belive is the protagonist)
  12. Artur. Yeah sorry. English isnt my main language. Id love to get some interaction with Jeff.. uhmm i mean O.G LOC.. I do really miss the old radiospots from vice City too.. I mean.. "Degenertron" commercials were a laugh. Im really looking forward to seeing how much everythings changed. Im sure it has alot. SA was based around the hood but i guess most of that is now urban metro now.
  13. They are also very good at dropping little hints of things to come in various places in games. There were lots of hints for an SA revisit so im pretty sure what that is.. Though at first i was like.. V for Vice city.. DO´H.. why didnt i see this.. But that was just after watching the first seconds of the trailer with the beach and the miami vice settings. The era looks alot like we would see florida in Baywatch no ?
  14. Ah.. Still. At that point in the game money are obsolete as you pretty much can only use money on stocking up on ammo for the assult riffle + sniper and the bulletproof jacket.. By the way. the mission where you have to get the guvernor to the city hall and you get ambushed.. first i tried to outrun the baddies in the cars. But when we had to stop and get out i by accident selected the rocket launcher and blasted the car with nearly all the baddies to kingdom come.. Not bad for an accident. The rest died when a nearby car blew up in the fire too so easy peasy for me.
  15. Not dissapointed Im looking forward to grabbing a hog and drive it into the contryside hills.. San andreas had most everything i wanted but it did have alot of cartoonish look. Just wish theyd bring back more of the excelent humor which was the trademark in VC.. WE WANT CAMEROS.. Would be nice to meet CJ again.. Perhaps even Tommy
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