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  1. These are the statistics: Most Online Today: 1. Most Online Ever: 1 ROFLMAO!!! :D :D
  2. Evan gets invited to the playboy mansion, then they ask if he wants to own the mansion! So of course he agrees. Then they give him 3 more Ferraris.
  3. Then he stops crying, and sees a suitcase full of hundred dollar bills on the floor next to him.
  4. Well, I have decided that I want a GBA Micro, and have searched numerous sites and found nothing but GBA games. The places I have browsed for the GBA Micro are: BestBuy Target Walmart Circuit City EBGames/Gamestop GameCrazy Can anyone give me some websites that might still sell the GBA Micro. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. I was searching for funny videos on YouTube, and found this. I think it's absolutely hilarious.
  6. He got put into a prison with a giant hole in the wall and a ladder coming down. So of course Evan escaped, then candy fell from the sky.
  7. Then the hobo tripped over a bench and Evan picked up his hundred dollar bill again. He convinced the hobo to get some counseling, and he did.
  8. Basically, I will start off with a segment of a story that is positive to the main character. Then the second poster will post something negative that happens in the story to the main character. Then the third poster will post something positive, and so on... Example: 1.Frank won the lottery and bought a new house. 2.But one day, killer snakes came out from the vents in his house. 3.Luckily, all the snakes wanted to do was play dominoes with Frank. I will start the story off... One day Evan was walking down the street, and saw a hundred dollar bill on the ground, so he picked it up with a grin on his face.
  9. I'm gonna see it in theaters, and then buy the DVD when it comes out.
  10. I agree, the Xbox controller is pretty bad. Besides the crazy airplane controls, the controls didn't feel as natural as the PS2 to me. I haven't played GTA: SA on the PC, but I heard it has weird driving controls.
  11. I'm asking to hear what your favorite CONTROLLER is, not which systems have the best graphics, loading times, frame rate, etc. I want to know which controller lets you play better with. Personally, my favorite controller to play GTA: SA with is the PS2 controller. I've played with the Xbox controller and the flying controls feel awkward. I've also played GTA: SA with the PC, and it sort of hard to drive around. I want to hear what your favorite controller to play GTA: SA is.
  12. For me the most boring part was the girlfriends system. The only reason I liked it was because it adds more realism to the game. I only dated them because I wanted to get 100% (which I soon gave up after realizing the taxi missions were too long.)
  13. I like to customize cars, buy or wear different clothes combinations, go stunting, or just mess around with cheats.
  14. I'm still playing GTA: San Andreas because even after the storyline, the game is still great! And plus it's a great way to pass the time till GTA: IV is released. Whenever I play San Andreas now, I usually just buy clothes, customize cars, do stunts, or just mess around with cheats.
  15. Whats up? I've been to this website plenty of times, and decided to start using the forums. Oh yeah, the reason my name is shotty105 is because the shotgun is one of my favorite guns in GTA: San Andreas.
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