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  1. omg the music in the manny video is reggaeton, you think he is from puerto rico?????
  2. YYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH (lil jon) man only 2 days after my birthday
  3. i think that the guy in the motorcycle is the same guy wit the sniper just a guess
  4. man why there has to be a helicopter in the left corner of every box from gta 3 to gta iv
  5. Yes, there is a problem with Forza 2. man i didn't know that. forza 2 is stayin out of my xbox 360 for sure
  6. his phone looks like an iphone or sidekick 3
  7. niko's phone looks like a sidekick 3
  8. pause it on 24-23 and theres a guy fighting in the basketball courts lol
  9. im the one who survived, i wonder what that means
  10. it looks badass when niko is walkin down the street and the background is changin
  11. i think you could hear romans voice cause someone says "dont do anything stupid cousin"
  12. we're all looking for that special someone
  13. yay i've seen it yeahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. yea theme looks kool theres a pic of niko in a helicopter and there's another one of a guy with a sniper and then there's one of a girl licking a lollipop
  15. man im so pumped right now i cant F#[email protected]&%N wait
  16. yea they do look blurry, i hope that is just a mistake of the picture
  17. pics are good the second one kinda looks like a start of something maybe a misson
  18. i hope that "someone" is the special someone
  19. to be 800 points it has got to be really really good otherwise it woulnt be that much points
  20. i think it will be about Niko looking for someone to make a deal or something and he gets pulled over by the cops before he could find the dealer
  21. They're just bastards that dont have enything else to do they should go and do their own s***t and leave us gamers alone if a kid wants to get a game he's gonna get it anyway so they should stop bitchin'
  22. and what do you guys think about the chapters that are gonna be via x-box live
  23. i just wanna know that guy's name and if he is really from russia
  24. I dont even have an idea i just hope asap
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