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  1. I personally want to be able to pick up anything off the street and throw it. Say like a bench, or another person. Why should you be limited to yourself for weapons?
  2. Ok, say you can buy a custom phone, people would react to your phone, so if you bought an iPhone, 4000 teenagers would be walking behind you drooling. Also an idea for advertising.
  3. Of course Microsoft is going to win, it's a gaming forum, games are usually for the PC, and it has 90% marketshare. I'm a Mac guy myself, ever since August last year, and it's great. I don't want to sound like an ad, but.... (Don't start a flame war or call me a Mac Fanboy, it's so immature)
  4. Wouldn't have a clue, hopefully as soon as possible, I need more........ Edit: Didn't Rockstar say there would be screenshots?
  5. No, I don't think that's a big clue that Australia could be in the game. It's already seen to be in Liberty City already. I know that, it's just because I'm Australian, It'd be pretty cool to know the road I'm driving along etc. although it definitely hope over reality. Edit: Yep, Platypusses are from Australia.
  6. I also saw the "Liberty City" on the back of that boat, just below "Platypus", could Australia feature in the game??? I hope so. Edit: Does anyone know why they didn't include swimming in gta's up to san andreas
  7. That's right. Has anyone else found any more easter eggs in the trailer yet?
  8. A watermark is where an image or word is superimposed onto a video for advertising or copyright. The image or word stays in that place for the duration of the video
  9. The trailer version isn't watermarked with Xbox team. I just think it's from wherever you got the video. Edit: Chris! You beat me to it.
  10. If you look at the 39th second of the trailer, you can see "Liberty City" written on the ship, bottom left hand corner of the screen. Just thought I'd point that out, to lock in that it's Liberty City
  11. Even though the graphics are great, I still want it to be a lot bigger than just Liberty City. I want to get lost like I did in San Andreas BTW Nate10, I think the Xbox Elite it supposed to be $479, not quite 600, but still a rip off for black.
  12. Yeah, I hope they will, because really, there wasn't much in it. Let's hope there will be more. Although what I did see was very impressive. It wasn't a teaser, but it could have had more substance.
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