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  1. i got my Infernus from a banshee how? drive a banshee around Bernie's and broker bridge soon you should find one
  2. no it wouldnt it would be makeing fun of cjs moms ghost lol it makes perfect sense
  3. I was dating carmen but she fell off a building
  4. i feel sorry for you but for me im fine, i have a ps3, and its been on for 6 months folding, playing rockband ,and warhawk
  5. It wouldn't, I'll be pissed off. i agree I don't want dish out $400 just to play gta... hmmm, anyway EA just needs to stop, their too money happy. Mr. Moore wants to be the new bill gates, maybe thats why he split from MS.
  6. if they did it would be flucked up with aliens, zombies and shit. R* doesn't want that
  7. i think he's saying the story of they killed my parants and its time for revenge. ex godfather
  8. awsome i wish they had that in the final verson
  9. that would make a good storyline
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