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Found 2 results

  1. Hello TGTAParians, I would like to suggest an idea of a new Achievement System, now I use to be a webmaster myself, so yeah and I have seen this been done before. Well I would to suggest that each award is worth 10G whatever 50G (numbers and G'S are variable) so that we get awarded for getting awards.And your points would be shown above your username when you make a post. Now I know this is possible because I have seen an Xensforo (I believe it's spelt) forum board do this, I'm sure there will be a developer who would have developed some type of plugin for I.P. Board. The benefits are huge though! We would have a community were people would want to get as many achievements and points then everybody else, there friends maybe? There enemies maybe (lulz)? Anyways you wouldn't have to do (G'S) as Xbox 360 does but yes it could be anything Trophy Points? Reward Points? Anything. Just because you guys probably don't vision what I do: Just trying to help the ol' community. ( I just love to make logos ;D)
  2. CJ Sweet Ryder Bigsmoke OG Loc Madd Dog The Truth WuZiMu (Woozie) Rosenberg Officer Frank Tempenny Officer Eddie Pulaski Catalina (Cat) Claude Cesar Vialpando Kendl Zero B-Dup Bigbear Jizzy Mike Toreno T-Bone
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