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  1. The black line was to show the allignment of the profile card., not to censor any names. The black line was to show the allignment of the profile card., not to censor any names. I guess you could say odd combination though lol.
  2. Looks nice but please don't advertise, or I kill you!
  3. Trying unistalling/reinstalling try deleting registry. Or try 'Open As Admin' More info is needed what happened. in your session before it failed?
  4. That sounds pretty neat for you guys at your end, but I feel left out
  5. I would be palying on xbox 360. And Chris, are you gonna make something to tribute GTA IV?
  6. Maybe, but what I'm saying is Rockstar wouldn't profit so they wouldn't spend a lot on servers.Making this idea very unrealistic.
  7. Yes but there would be more demand so it would run slowly/therefore needing more and more servers, Is what I mean, and you don't pay for the server they lose money paying for servers (come on their ad revenue is not that much)
  8. Urm yeah. I don't know if you're still active but you just want to swap the Hard Drive? What do you want to donor for this operation? Testicles? Oh ROFL, you're asking us where to buy it? Google is your friend. God, just get it from PC World or 'Best Buy' or 'Amazon' just one tiny tip: most of ebay is BS.
  9. The ones were: The one where you learn combat with the girl The one where you go and steal the ambulance in the airport and get the guy safe The last mission because of it's awesome action, other missions are missing action And finally the one where you steal/take cars and put 'em in a garage and then there's a fire. Sorry I haven't played in 1/6 year now either or '10 or '11. Also I like the drug trade features lets hope to see it return to GTA V ( probably not, looking at the city,modern with less 'bad guys' and the police 'roaming' about.
  10. If you think about it, the judge is quite stupid. Who the hell would Commit Suicide over one teasing, there's bound to others the judge is blaming it on him completely , there is no evidence saying he was the only one. I should be a judge xD.
  11. Hello Everybody, Welcome to my graphics shop, I will be making free graphics. This can include anything custom text, logo's signatures etc. And best of all, it's free. No Catch,no nothing. All graphics made with Photoshop CS5. So here's some rules: - If you don't like it don't complain, tell me to edit it ( I keep project files just in case) please also tell me what to edit. -Do not abuse it, like getting graphics everyday, no way buddy . - I will be posting if not done in three days, there's a good explanation, bear in mind I have a life and friends too although I like making graphics for fun. - No requestion drawing images, I will not spend time drawing. That's about it now the order form template ( please use it when requesting graphics) What you want: A description of what you can picture in your head. How long do you need it in: Time you would like it to be done by. Effects: Do you want in black and white? Fonts: Any specific fonts or shall I choose? Colours: Any colours or shall I choose? Other Details: Include more like a theme or whatever. (Optional) Featured Projects I have done before: DrowGaming( my gaming community, not yet released) video intro still image : If you would like to join the Graphics Shop Team ( by doing some requests frequently, PM Me)
  12. That's a great one, I must say. I mean the characters in GTA must have all brought a car when they clearly have no driving license but for some reason like to keep cars on display, wierdos...
  13. Indeed it would be an rather cool idea. But after it's stolen too much and you eventually gets cops, your name will be cleared after you lose the cops and you're like a brand new car jacker Stead of having bait cars.
  14. Meshy

    Modern warfare 3

    Ha Lance heard you say that 100 times before bro, dude you are quite wrong, MW3 has a lot more players online and in my opinion online is the stuff, and freedom. Stuff Like being a troll is the fun But I can't argue when it comes to online mods GTA SA , GTA Sells COD. I can tell you for a fact though: if black ops 2 features no major changes then I am not buying. And why cant IW work with fucking TR god.
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