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Public Apology

Harwood Butcher

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After I had some time to think, I realized how stupid and pathetic I was being in certain parts of the forum and I would like to make a public apology to anyone and everyone I may have offended during my time here. I can't send a PM to everyone that I've offended...because I don't know all of whom I’ve offended and even if I knew...I probably would have lost track by now. However, I did manage to send a PM to the latest person that has highlighted me on their shit list to personally apologize for my rude behavior towards them and I hope that all, if not, most of you could accept my apology. I can’t say that I’ll be argument free from now on, but I will promise that I’ll try my hardest to keep my cool while commenting in topics and I’ll be sure to try and keep any type of disagreement as simple debates. Again, I apologize for my stupid, pathetic, rude behavior that I’ve had towards everyone that I’ve offended during my time here and I hope you guys/gals can accept my apology.


Original GTA Master

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It takes a real man to realize their mistake, it doesn't matter to me as I wasn't involved, but I would hope chris82 would be happy to move on after this :).

Good job on doing something about it and not just leaving out community mate, you would have been a big lose.

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