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GTA 4 Content Pages Updated

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After the reading over all the information obtained from GameInformer, I have updated a few of the GTA4 pages here at The GTA Place.

A few changes have been made to the general information page simply to extend on what we already know, as well as add a few points about multiplayer, the setting, and the characters, with links to the next two pages I have added. The first of those a (currently) small page about the main characters in the game. At the moment, we only know a few things about Niko and Roman, however I'll be adding to the page with each new character we find out about.

The second page I added was an overview on GTA4's new rendition of Liberty City, now confirmed to be set in the current year, 2007. We found out quite a bit about the city from GameInformer, and I have collated the most interesting points from the magazine, as well as a few quotes directly from Dan Houser. It details the similarities to real life New York City, as well as what you can expect to see there with regards to the non-playable characters, and some of the more iconic things about the city.

I also added an artwork page to house all of the different styles of logo which have been cropping up, this page will be more organised shortly with descriptions of each one.


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