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Possibly Remove Weapon/Item


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Found this the other day, I think they had a texture for it in San Andreas too, but I could be wrong. Although it does beg to reason, why is it in VCS, unless we were going to be able to use a phone?


Also, while I'm here, I found the icon for the Landmines too...


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Oh, can you give me a link to it?
Well I got good news and can't believe how stupid I've been not to notice this. But all the objects in the IMG file are made up 2KBs, 2048 Bytes, Blocks. Meaning even if a object takes up 2000 Bytes it will take up 2048 Bytes in the IM archive. If I remember correctly GTA:VC + GTA3 does this too.  :blush:

And if you bothered to look at the source inside lcs-vcs-unimg.zip, you'd have known this fact well over a month ago.. :) I guess the terminology you want to use there is that the files in the img are "aligned to 2KB boundaries".


Anyway, I managed to write up a small update to that unimg program which now works with the compressed lvz files as well. However, it seems that the lvz files and its counterpart img only seem to store "world" related data. I'm guessing this is huge chunk of ipl/ide/mdl/tex mashed up together instead of using distinct mdl/tex files. The only tex files I was able to extract out of these were radar files. Booooo!

Also got basic unswizzling done for PS2 images in lcstex. Unfortunately, it only works for 8bit textures, not 4bit.. hmmf. It should also work properly with PSP 4bit textures, and also supports VCS textures (though its called LCStex :P). Don't forget to select PSP or PS2 when opening up the texture file.

Just posting the binaries for now. Will post source later when I get a chance to tidy it up... a bit busy with SA:MP stuff atm.

- Updated lcs-vcs-unimg

- Updated lcstex

From GTAF...

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