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Ram's High Quality transparent sigs!

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Hi guys,


~20$- 300x160

~25$- 400x160

~30$- 500x160


~20$- 250x160 with a free userbar of your choice

~25$- 300x160 with 2 free userbars of your choice

~50$- 500x160 with 5 free userbars and 2 avatars of your choice





USERBARS(with and without borders available)






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heres a quick sig...i know it looks bad! :erm:







oops...sorry for the double post

Edited by Manu Maniac-ram-the-don
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ok...so what should i do next???

go and shit....lol ^_^

This is not a word i use very often, but you sir, are a wanker.

I think you should try and come to this site, be instantaneously stamped as a n00b (as ram was), then bounce back, form a gang for the second time, and become more respected than before. STFU and GTFO

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its a pity that you take tips to make silly sigs! -_-

Yeah, because instead he could just be making totally crappy sigs like yours, right? That's the better thing to do, right?

I can't see any sigs with the exception of the ones you made for Jace. I'll give you some advice, there's other fonts out there.... Besides that I kind of like what you did. It looks cool. It could do with cleaner edges, I honestly thought you were using .GIF for a moment. I think it's your font setting that did it.... Can't remember where it is but you can make font edges cleaner.

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Er man, not to burst your bubble, but it looks like you have copied Evo's PSD and just changed the font and stuff.

Thats not a problem, Im cool with it

its a pity that you take tips to make silly sigs! -_-

Woah!! Look who's shouting around silly sigs, Isnt that Ram's userbar in your sig?? Or is that so silly that you added it as your sig!!

Its not a bad thing to take tips from other members,I too took some tips on transperancy from Spaz

And Ram those sigs look kinda wicked!!Great job, Your getting preey good at photoshop!!

Edited by EvoLuTioN
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