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[TUT]Dumper Dynamics

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I think this is pretty new but don't go flaming on me if it isn't cause at least it's uncommon.

It's same like Monster Dynamics but this time I used Dumper.It's a bit harder to do it but it can

get you higher.You can do everything with it that you commonly do with monster truck unless

iBSM's.It freakin' fun so go stunt!

BTW I didn't know should I tell you this before Concept 2 but I didn't know is it new or not.

As you can see I just have discovered a new method.This is my post on www.gtastunting.net and they

say it's new.

How to do it:

1.Spawn a Dumper.

2.Drive it on the incoming cars hood but be careful that the car bellow you don't get moved by you

(it can move by itself) or you will fail.

3.Move the Dumper.

4.Enter the "charged" car.

5.You'll be spinning in the air like 10000 degrees and more.

6.Land a building on this way and you got yourself a stunt.

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Same as Monster Dynamics,mate.I can't post it because I have done only one stunt with it which I can't

reveal until Concept 2 cause then it won't be new and it won't be accepted for C2.

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