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  1. Thanks for the bump. Else I wouldn't have noticed this vids. Downloading them now.
  2. If it's teleported then it's "modded". Nothing special.
  3. Awesome dude. That's a sick spin. Still not sure if it's really like you said because you didn't record.
  4. Don't you remember me Chris? You will not be dissapointed sir You will not be disappointed at all, sir.
  5. I'm thuper, thanks for athking.
  6. Yes folks, The first MTA:DM beta version is released. http://www.mtasa.com/85.html That's a nice start of 2008 eh. Have fun people
  7. So, I think, keeping FL on gives you 'less' height than normal. FL-On is normal settings. As it says, the frames are not getting limited anymore. Which makes the game run at a faster speed and it would be easier to pull a wheelie fast and get more speed and stuff. But there are people who don't care about it and just stunt FL-Off. I would recommend On though.
  8. Good job Spiderz. I see you got a lot of potential. Keep on stunting and practicing. Perfect for a 2nd (?) vid. Also ask on SA:MP for tips and help. Most (or maybe all of them) were old but who cares. It was good anyway. I got one tip for you: The BB grind with the Freeway. You just drove off a building. That's pretty easy and not so special. Try doing a packer bump 2 stoppie with it or something. Good luck on your next vid
  9. I used to have GTA 2 on Dreamcast, but the DC has broken a long time ago. I had GTA 1 and 2 on PC though, but I lost the CD's.
  10. Stunt frame limiter on please. FL Off in VC is most of the times considered as 'modding' because it's easier to pull a wheelie at much speed. If you lag at VC with FL On in your reps then I wonder how your PC can run SA normal. And if so, ask someone else for editing. Will, next time don't put just only packer stunts in a vid. Not even if you want to show you can do it. And watch a lot of vids from the youtube GTAStunting account and from other GTAstunting stunters. You will learn alot. These stunts you did are all old and easy. Try finding new spots, do different stunts and not only one kind of bump. And try to be creative and land stunts near to impossible. Raise the limits. I really recommend you watch ALOT of vids on youtube and stuff. And don't search for Gta Vice City Stuntage or something but here is a hint just from a vid I'm thinking of now: - Search for [VC]Spiengraph on youtube (Stunter = Haywire) - Now see if you can see any account named GTAStunting (or whatever is close to that) at relative videos. - Browse for some collabs at relative videos (Just click and read the discription) Good luck.
  11. Choose more spots. You can also land low buildings and have much distance or do it in a cool way. But not as low as the one were u hit the bike and land one centimeter higher.
  12. Well I already gave u a few tips but, - Try not to make a vid as fast as you can. You've been stunting for 2 days and u did 4 easy bumps. Thats cool, but take time for your vids. Maybe even a month or 2. - Dont put useless stuff in like hitting a pole or doing a stoppie. - Land high roofs. And dont do old stunts from tutorials.
  13. Practice and creativity.
  14. Dont do ramps and stuff. Dont hit poles or buildings and make a small spin. Search on youtube and look up at this forum for tutorials on how to bump. Good luck
  15. Quote from GTAS. Says enough just watch it. (I posted here because I'm part of it too)
  16. Its not even your vid. And you found what? A half year old vid from ATS? Wow dude u rock.. NOT. Close please.
  17. Good vid. Only a few minus points, the editing was slow and nothing special and you should remove the text saying REPLAY. Further all the stunts were good but who cares. And you should've fast forward that grind. Good luck with further productions.
  18. To remove replay text u got to change the american.gxt or download Dannye's Main SCM and replace the stuff. To view and save your replays and copy them to other places you gotta be at my documents.
  19. Taxi climbing isnt considerd modding its just a glitch. But so is a BSM (Bike Stuck Method). And yeah thats Liberty City as it says in the credits.
  20. Huh jumping up? You mean the part where I reversed it? I dont use cheats I think its lame and all that stuff. If you want the rep just pm me (Btw there is no mod or cheat where u can jump up while grinding I think)
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