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What gta3 mods?

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Well, I've beat GTA3 over and over again on the ps2.. so I want to do things that I couldn't do on ps2. I'm open to basically anything and everything that will make the experience better.

BTW, is there a way to remove hookers (completly) and weapons (temporarily)? Not that my dad could see without the disk, but I don't care for the hookers being in there anyway, and weapons.. yeah, for safety.

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I think my machine's broken, it looked like you wanted to remove weapons form GTA. :rofl:

Seriously, you'll probably need a script mod. W/ the hookers, you would also want a ped model to replace the ones that walk around. The hooker trick would be a matter of removing the bit of code for them.

I have only messed w/ SA scriptmods, but would like to learn a little about GTA 3 (& VC). would appreciate if someone could

point me to the right script editors & savefile editor for GTA 3.

And back to topic....

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