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  1. I just got this idea because it seems all of us dudes have girl problems and what not, so I made this. I only have three rules. 1. Think me up a better name. 2. No stupid things, I will kick you out of the topic and warn you 3. Stupid things includes advice. GO!
  2. This is the topic to post YOUR XBL gamer tag and find other people in the forum to play the game with. Or find ones you want to avoid, hah. My GT is xShermdogg
  3. Sherman

    My gamesite

    I started this a long time ago, and I just started working on it again. This button stupid I have 2 codes they are -Digital Clock-Its in a bad position, but atleast its there -Ultimate Skin Selecter-I like this, but some of the skins ugly
  4. Sherman

    Halt N Catch Fire

    I got about 20 minutes into it and stopped when Maybe it's still good past that, I don't know. If that was supposed to capture me in... well, it failed
  5. This is the same as the Xbox topic, post your PSN ID so other people can find you and you can find other people from the forums.
  6. Sherman

    Post pics of your car

    Well, the point of this topic... there really is no point. I have no idea why I'm making this topic... but i'm a bit bored.. so here it goes.. NEW RULES UPDATE Thanks to immature members posting pics they found on Google Images, we've had to add the following rules to this topic: The car in the picture must be owned by you (or someone in your family at least) You must NOT use Google Images or any other car website to post pictures of you car - we can't tell if you're serious or not Only do the above if you're genuinely unable to provide any actual photos you've taken yourself and want to post here. Immature/unrealistic posts will be deleted My car: The only pic I have at the moment... just got new back tires. Could've gone a little bit wider IMO, but it's my Mom's (yeah.. I want it though..) and the fronts a bit beat.. but yeah. There's.... some of it. Haha. 1992 Chevrolet Camaro.
  7. Sherman

    Are you looking for a mature crew with experience.

    Only one topic is necessary. Thanks, Sherm
  8. Sherman

    American muscle cars

    Damn.. maybe it'll come out in a DLC. I also want the Blista compact back.. not muscle, but whatever. I loved it As far as muscle goes.. love the Gauntlet, Phoenix and Ruiner. I really wish I had like a 50 car garage online, hahah.
  9. Sherman

    First car?

    What is/was your guys'/gals' car? I got ahold of a Buffalo. It was the first thing I ran into, lol.
  10. Sherman

    American muscle cars

    Is the Dukes in GTA5!? I miss that car!
  11. Sherman

    Money, Money, Money...and snow

    I have to go to work right now.. but I'll make a quick reply It sucks that there is so much money in the game now. I'm pretty sure that is what R* is working on.. delaying everything else because people will exploit anything and everything. I think they should have protected the money system way better to start with because micro transactions are what will fuel the free updates and DLC. I'll be playing Battlefield in the meantime, so hopefully it gets fixed soon.
  12. Sherman

    When meeting Trevor..

    ***Minor Spoilers*** I can't believe he killed Johnny! After the GTA4 episode, TLAD, I thought he was pretty bad ass. Messed up, sure.. but definitely not expecting him to get killed being a bitch. Awesome cameo, nonetheless. Also, is that Wade from San Andreas?
  13. Sherman

    Gotsta Get Paid

    The mission from Madrazo with the lawyer and the briefcase.. the car is worth like 20k. Easy mission and easy money.
  14. Sherman

    Gotsta Get Paid

    I've survived a bounty once.. was messing around in a private free roam session. No good behavior bonus in a while.. I leave shitty races and tend to blow up other peoples cars while trying to buy their bounty Haha. I hop from lobby to lobby to avoid someone setting a bounty on me now though.. that, and killing the drivers of cars I want.
  15. Sherman

    Stuck at gta 5 first mission

    Okay.. well, first we need more detail. Did you buy the game used? Has your system had problems like this before?
  16. Yeah, I made one race so far.. I really want to make at least one R* verified race, especially since I'm not much for death match. Just gotta get creative!
  17. I'm glad the two creative betas are coming.. I'm really looking forward to them. Although I do wish there was a "no collision" option for races.. make things more level on the playing field. I'm really excited to create new races, but what fun is it going to be if the racing is still a disaster?
  18. Sherman

    In the Freezer - Winter 013

    It's been okay here.. mid 20's and a tiny bit of snow. Keeping too wet to go ride :/ meh
  19. Sherman

    Rant page

    I thought I was the only one who liked the Stanier! I love that car, lol. Has anyone else ran into freezing issues? I just flew under a bridge.. too low and ran into a bus stop.. then my game froze :/
  20. Sherman

    Bought a Bounty lately?

    The fighter jet is something you kinda just do.. I took the air route in. It wasn't at 100%.. I kind of hit a tank on the way out, but it was still very flyable and I didn't really have any trouble from other jets coming after me.. then again I didn't have it for a long time.
  21. Sherman

    Rant page

    I was thinking about picking up the new CoD for x-mas. I play online with Nate (and you probably.. I just need to add you on my new GT!) but that's it. No one I know really plays :/ It's unfortunate people already feel this way about the game.
  22. Sherman

    Rant page

    I've noticed the money drop in races even.. that blows. I'm kind of fed up with GTA:O already.. even going to take the game out of the console for the first time today.
  23. Very cool. Looks like I have an excuse to buy my wife a new Kindle haha
  24. Sherman

    Online Hassles...

    I was doing a race, Vinewood NIghts I believe) and I couldn't pass a guy in the dirt corners climbing up so I just waited until he spun out and made my move. Only 15 seconds later to be rammed off the top of the hill. I can't stand that. We ended up going back to freemode together.. he had a sticky bomb attached to his van and a large bounty on his head. 'Bad sport' rating or not.. completely worth it.
  25. Sherman

    Crates MIA

    I got lucky and got to one just as two other guys got to it. I was killed and still managed to get it. I left out in a hurry (I love the Carbonizzare) and they were still killing themselves over it Good stuff