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New Trailer#2 Screens

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It's pretty cool how they do stuff such as that. It's also good that they put hints all over the trailer, so they make us think that some things like Shops will be in their. I just can't wait to see if this all is in their. :)

Those hint are there to drive us crazy. To let us wonder and ponder about all these things. We question, "Is this really gonna be in there?" "Is that really gonna happen?". Rockstar is letting us know that they are teasing us.

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goddamn, you doing a really good job captured the name and that guy

seriously, i can barely see him in the trailer :lol: !

i don't know who that guy is, but he sure reminds me of Mike Toreno

Mike Toreno? lol he looks younger then Mike and the hair is shorter, he looks a bit like Cesar though. But I tell you one thing - he is no random pedestrian, the scar makes him unique character.

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