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  1. They show off GTA IV's boring aspects((and make them seem more boring)), while showing off "fun"((albeit childish)) aspects of SR2 that have NOTHING to do with the aspects they are comparing them to. But nice try, anyways. Of course they don't, why would they? The purpose of this video is to show the contrast between ''fun'' and ''boring'' in both games.
  2. Don't, it's a shitty port, for why see this post. If you're going to get the game, you better have a computer built by God himself or at least get it for a console. I don't have a console. And your problem might be the videocard and vista. ATI Radeon videocards are known to have these kind of issues with some games, but i'm guessing here. As for the non-existing support for 16:10 and 16:9 resolutions, man that sucks, since i have 1680x1050 native res too (20"). Usually these guys come up with a solution for games like that. My rig is: Intel core 2 duo 3 GHz processor Nvidia 8800 GT 512 MB videocard 2 GB RAM XP SP3 OS I might still give iSR2 a try though. This guy's SR2 review is worth watching, he reviewed GTAIV too, check it out.
  3. This is Saints Row 2 trailer and i have to say it hits the nail on the head. I really miss base jumping in IV. And TBH i've gone on only one date (boring as hell) and i've never went anywhere with my "friends". So what it gives me the "thumbs down". If R* had made dating and activities with friends mandatory I would've thrown the game out of my window the day I got it.I don't need a videogame to do boring stuff. eDIT: I'm posting this cause SR2 came out on PC jan 5th, and i'm about to get it.
  4. Download the 100% save game here http://www.thegtaplace.com/downloads/file.php?id=3542 the xlive.dll comes with it. One more thing. When i copied the dll in GTAIV main directory and started the game a window popped up asking if i wanted to move some files somewhere (dont remember the specifics), i just pressed ''yes'' and everything worked.
  5. I had a weird save problem. Yesterday (yes new years eve ) i reinstalled my OS which was XP, before that i backed up my GTAIV save games from the directory Chris mentioned. After reinstalling XP i reinstalled GTAIV too, and to my surprise it asked me to sign in or create a new Windows live account. Before reinstalling XP and GTAIV i was signed in in my windows live account automatically when GTAIV was started. Since i didn't remember my WL ID nor password i created a new account but my old save games didnt work, it gave me the "Incorrect save file, please check your hard drive" error. After my useless efforts to get them to work i decided to get a 100% save game file from TGTAP. An xlive.dll came with the save which needed to be put in GTAIV main directory, and the best part is that not only the 100% save game now works but my old saves work too. So my point is - if u want to get a save game from different user to work, you will neeed that xlive.dll. When i start the game now im not logged in in windows live anymore, but i dont really care since i got my mission progress back. edit: oh btw if anybody wants i can provide mission save file and some previous ones.
  6. I wasn't aware that such stereotype existed Chris I'll try not to reinforce it. Anyways welcome everybody and myself for that matter. I guess I'm back. Kinda.
  7. Dead Space is 6th? That game sucks a*s. Congrats R*.
  8. Yeah the camera annoys me too. Basically the camera is the same as it was in SA, VC and III its just slower. It takes a while for it to get in the right place. I haven't heard of a mod that fixes this though.
  9. Nice to see you too man. Yeah its good, great actually, its very hardware demanding though. On my rig (8800GT 512MB, core2Duo @ 3GHz, 2GB RAM) it runs good at medium settings, i kinda hoped my PC could do better. R* should've optimized the game a bit better IMO. As they wrote themselves in the graphics guide, they made the game to be run at the max settings on future PCs, which I think is kinda lame. There will be other games to play in future. Yeah sure i could buy 2 NVidia GTX 280s ,the new Intel i7 processor and 4 GB RAM, and then play the game, but its not really worth it, and it would cost a fortune.
  10. Thx Sky/Sherman, no need for a welcome back party
  11. I used the ''clear wanted level'' cheat and a text popped up saying that the ''one man army'' and ''walk free'' achievements are blocked. I didn't save the game after that, so my question is - if i load my previous savegame will those achievements still be blocked? edit: I play GTA IV PC version.
  12. If you have any common sense you'll watch it till the end.
  13. Im not sure if its possible to make money in WOW, but there are some MMORPG games where you can. So that might be the reason.
  14. I've heard that the whole health care system in USA seriously sucks ass, at least in my country you get free health care until you're 18. Anyway, I havent broken a bone in my life, despite my active sport life. Although i've had many twisted ankles,like 3 with each leg, but it gets easier with each time, the worst one was when i twisted my left ankle the first time, it was swollen up half way to the knee. One time i fell on my left hand really bad while crashing with my moped (i was 13 or something), i was making a sharp turn when the rear wheel slipped on mud.It hurt like hell fore 3 weeks or so, but wasnt broken...probably, i never x rayed it. I consider my self lucky, and no i dont want to know how a broken bone feels.
  15. *Frames Dazza so he's got to go to prison, where five black dudes rape him over and over again every day for five years, and finally cuts off Dazza's half-way-fallen-out rectum with a katana when Dazza comes out of the prison. Dazza dies from blood loss. * edit: if anyone wants to really see what a half-way-fallen-out rectum looks like PM me.
  16. Very good job TFY! And i mean it , nothing too complicated- simple and elegant. Even better than MrLlamaLlama's, although he made it in 5 mins, but still. edit: Hey Llama whats the font you used in your sig?
  17. You threw 27 punches and he walked away?
  18. Thx dude, i like my quote too.

  19. Well if he does all this for attention he gets it. I would rofl if he turned out to be heterosexual normal-dressing dude, who just likes to act.
  20. It seems that he made it viewable only to his friends, it says 'This is a private video. If you have been sent this video, please make sure you accept the sender's friend request.' when i click on it through the link below the many video responses.
  21. Yeah check the vid 'brotherly love'.
  22. Cause he's a fucking retard, look how he treats hes grandmother, and fucking his own brother isnt quite normal too you know.
  23. Yeah he basically got most of his fans before this video, his vids mainly consist of advices and conclusions about life, and random crazy shit. Some of them even makes sense. But vids like ''brotherly love'' makes me sick and vids like ''snap and pose'' makes me laugh. He writes in his profile that he's here to entertain, which he does, so i cant really say how much he acts in all those vids. To conclude - bright personality which obviously attracts ''grey'' people (fans), obviously needs mental therapy. Edit: Obviously his daddy aint at home, cause otherwise he would beat the shit out of him, at least i would.
  24. Which kills me how exactly? *gives Harry a Dragon Skin bulletproof vest and shoots him with AK-47 in chest until he starts bleeding through anus, then injects acid in both of his testicles , finally cuts Harry's throat with a paper knife and leaves him to bleed to death*
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