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Need A little help.


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It doesen't go anywhere. You just start the trainer. You dont have to place it anywhere.. It's like that with every trainer i've used anyway :rolleyes:

So you're only gonna say that?

Ok, get winrar (googe it, d/l free trial) and install. When it'sdone, doubleclick on carspawner.rar, and it will extract the files, after you click next, ok, etc. Then, delete the rar if you like, you don't really need it again. Look at the files inthe new folder where the rar was extracted to. There should be a readme, if so, folow it. If not, just boot up the exe fie and any others in there, such as car listings.

Boot up SA, then use alt+tab to get to the spawner once in SA, then do whatever to spawn a car, it shuld be pretty simple.

Hope i hepe. a be a little shadysince i'm tired, i trid my best.

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