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The Curse of the Man-Pig (Part 2)

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Carl is now wandering in the dark suburbian streets looking for shelter before the Man-Pig strikes again, as he wandered into the woods he saw blood on a tree, he studied the tree and wandered who could have injured him/herself, the tree looked sinister, so Carl walked further into the woods and during his hike it started to rain down, Carl could have sworn he saw someone being dragged away from his direction.

Half an hour later and Carl is still in the middle of nowhere, forever hiking, without knowing it, towards the heinous Mt Chilliad.

"This is pathetic!" Carl grumbled. "Far away from Peach Creek and nothing but forests to be seen!"

Suddenly, he saw a dark shadow descend onto him, then he heared the sound of a chainsaw, then he realised that the Man-Pig has sniffed him out.

The Man-Pig squealed very loudly and attempted to lunge the chainsaw down Carl's neck, but he dodged in the nick of time and started to run fast in the opposite direction of his path, following his footprints as he could, but the rain washed them away and now Carl is truly lost.

"Squeal! Grunt! Roar!" Cried the Man-Pig, chainsaw in hand he lunged the chainsaw towards Carl, missing him by inches and hitting a tree instead, the chainsaw is now stuck, and the Man-Pig is angry, Carl climbed up a ladder attached to a tall tree and entered a deserted treehouse high above the ground, closing the curtains on the entrance and windows, the Man-Pig, who was too heavy to climb the ladder and lacking the chainsaw, which is stuck deep inside the other tree, could do nothing more than hammer the tree with his morbidly large weight, but the strong tree hardly even flinched at all, let alone being budged a tiny distance, in the end the Man-Pig gave up and ran away.

Carl isn't convinced the Man-Pig has left for good, so he pulled the ladder from the ground and tied it so that it wouldn't roll down to the ground.

It has been a very long time since the Man-Pig has left, so Carl opened the window curtains a little bit and looked at the sky, it was nothing but overcast grey clouds and lots of rain, and the mountain of course, and the sun has only just started to rise a bit, Carl looked at his watch and it said 5:12, if it's the end of the night then Carl didn't have to to worry about the Man-Pig coming back.

Carl saw smoke coming from a far away area, then picked up a compass and pointed it towards the smoke, the compass said South, Carl threw the ladder down and climbed down to the ground, the chainsaw is now gone from the tree, Carl decided to worry about that later and ran South, always looking at the compass to check his position.

Half an hour later and Carl finally reaches the source, it so happened to be in the middle of Peach Creek, and the fire was huge, there he saw Jonny and that stupid plank Carl hated.

"Jonny, what the hell are you doing?" Carl asked the silly melonhead.

"It's paper burning day, me and Plank are celebrating it because Lee Kanker was massacred by the Man-Pig, Eddy was jumping with joy!" Jonny explained.

Carl looked at melonhead and his stupid plank. "Don't you have any respect for the dead?" Carl said, before walking off to the trailer park to see the damage, when he arrived he saw a pile of flesh, bones and clothes. Kevin, Nazz and Rolf stared at the rotten pile, it reminded them of the Scary Hangar cheat I made for Edison Carter's CheatDevice for LCS when my PSP was still working.

"What happened?" Carl asked.

"The Man-Pig arrived and massacred her in her own trailer, then dragged the body out to the open trailer park and ate her brains." Kevin explained.

"But there's two thing that concern me though, he didn't massacre her on Mt Chilliad, and he massacred her in her own home!" Carl said.

"We're all concerned about the same things, but what concerns me is this; if the Man-Pig is brave enough to murder someone in a trailer, then imagine what would happen if killed someone in their own home!" Kevin said, scratching his head.

"Don't worry Kevin, he probably likes trailer park meat better than house meat and craves it more so he won't attack house meat!" Carl said,

"Don't be so sure Carl, for all I know, trailer park meat is probably less tasty than house meat." Kevin said.

Carl said goodbye and walked inside the trailer, there was blood everywhere, and 'sniff sniff' scrawled in blood in the walls, and the doll of Eddy has been torn apart and it's stuffing scattered all over Lee's bloodstained bed. Carl picked up the doll and looked at it, there was traces of blue hair on the carpet, so chances are that the Man-Pig might have attacked Marie too, Carl looked everywhere and the blue haired kanker is nowhere to be found, could it be that Marie was the intended victim for Mt Chilliad instead of Lee, and was she the person that Carl saw was dragged away in the woods, so why didn't Kevin mention her being dragged out of the trailer?

Carl walked out of the trailer and walked to Kevin.

"Did you see someone else get attacked?" Asked Carl.

"Not sure, I did hear someone else get attacked, but the voice was all goofy." Kevin replied.

"But I saw blue hair on the carpet, I doubt Marie has a goofy voice." Carl said.

"I saw her get dragged out of the trailer and into the woods, I also saw a black guy looking at her." Kevin said.

"The black guy was me, and the dragging caught my eye, how could it not be her." Carl said.

"She didn't scream, for one thing and she could barely cry for help because the Man-Pig has been trained to kill anyone on the spot who cried for help." Kevin.

Carl walked away towards the streets and saw Eddy's bungalow, but suddenly he saw an arm. Carl ran towards it and lifted the bush, Carl looked at the body, the victim turned out to be...


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