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Installing Skins, Shops....The whole shabbang!


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Okay, I used the Search function and I couldn't find a thread that could help so here we go;

What do we do when SAMI's Mod Installer doesn't work, and install mods properly?

Is there some sort of manual way that we can install these mods. I have only got cars and bikes to work really.

Is there a different program that installs other types of mods such as Skins, Shops, weapons?

Cheers B)

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Yeah...using IMG Tool<latest version> is a better option..

for that, u need to..

first install the tool on yo PC

extract the desired .txd as a backup

replace it with required one

Commands>Rebuid {Archive make sure u have enuf disk space on that drive befor rebuilding..}

this will take some time

close the tool..Play!

The best option btw as i feel is TXD workshop...u can find here<on this site>txd workshop

open it...use open img...open the gta3.img or the one which u wanna moderate using "open img" option...

find the file u wanna mod...replace it with requied one...click on save..close...Play!!!

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For installing models (cars, peds, etc) to need to extract the .DFF & .TXD form GTA3.IMG w/ an IMG Tool, there are several

to choose from. If you edit HANDLING.CFG in DATA, keep the cars in the original order (glad I backed up that one). One

thing to keep in mind is that you have to use the same type of vehicle (not car for a bike, plane for a boat, etc) & taxis

for a vehicle designed as a taxi. Same w/ emergency vehicles.

The most important thing is to remember to back up every file you plan to edit before you start, so if it goes wrong, you

can quickly & easily fix it.

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