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  1. Shut your mouths, I betcha you have unlocked on purpose just to see it. I betcha he just wants it because its so talked about.
  2. Hooper

    What are you currently playing?

    SA is old now. PES6
  3. Hooper

    What did you dislike about GTA 3?

    It just sucked. Character was crap, crap cars, no bikes. At the time might have been OK. I only got it in the GTAIII and GTAVC combo for PS2 and it twas pathetic.
  4. Hooper

    How much do you pay for

    40 bucks Aussie bucks. About 37 American I think. Its only 512kb
  5. You know that mission (PS2) where you are at Diaz's place and he tells you to go and exchange his drugs with the guns (From the Police I think). You have to drive the van to the meeting spot and then shoot them with your sniper, easy, but then once you have exchanged the drugs for the weapons you need to drive them back to Diaz, but on the way back, them dudes hell try and kill you, they shoot you, block you off, ram you. Its so damn hard! Any tips on how to pass this mission? Every time I try (Which has been about 40 times, no joke) I get blown up in the car!
  6. Hooper

    Any way of removing scratches from PS2 games?

    The freezer thing does fuck all.
  7. Hooper

    Better on PS2 or PC?

    PS2, because I like to play while in bed:)
  8. Hooper

    Who would win in a shootout?

    CJ coz he is from the hood.
  9. Hooper

    Ideal PES team

    Adriano - he is always great (stupidly).
  10. Cool, cheers for the 5 stars mate

  11. Uggghh, thats crap. Because I have a 1280x9... monitor and when I ALT+TAB it takes like 10 mins to ajust itself. We need windowed! lol
  12. Hey, is there a way to play SA MP Windowed? Not just Alt+Tabbing between screens - but actually playing the online game windowed?
  13. Hooper

    Type your name(s)

    jo54rdeaqh bwyh3o5t09 Haha, that was meant to be Jordan Shelton.
  14. Hooper

    That Awesome Car Mod

    Uhh, yeah thanks. I will try and do my best with that:) Hopefully I dont end up corrupting my damn game! lol
  15. Can anyone speak good Spanish or know if anyone can get me a translation for this peice of text? Or is there an English instruction version? It is a San Andreas Mod to get all new pimped out cars - but I cant read the installation! Any help would be appreciated! and here is the actual installation (the most important bit):
  16. Hooper

    What are you listening to right now?

    The new kanye West album
  17. Hooper

    Show us your guns!

    What does a cheap gun cost over there? Second hand.
  18. Hooper

    Show us your guns!

    Ok, that is just ridicolous - no wonder why they have so many deaths by gunshots!
  19. Hooper


    I skate, Ollies, Kickflips, Heelflips, 50-50, Smith. Thats it.
  20. Hooper

    Show us your guns!

    WHAT THE FUCK? Does everyone in America have a bloody gun?
  21. Hooper

    your least favorite mission

    I hate the Zero one where he keeps saying " We can't lose another transmitter".
  22. Hooper

    just buyin san andreas

    "My friend has a couple of copies" lol Sounds illegal