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  1. Shut your mouths, I betcha you have unlocked on purpose just to see it. I betcha he just wants it because its so talked about.
  2. Hooper

    What are you currently playing?

    SA is old now. PES6
  3. Hooper

    What did you dislike about GTA 3?

    It just sucked. Character was crap, crap cars, no bikes. At the time might have been OK. I only got it in the GTAIII and GTAVC combo for PS2 and it twas pathetic.
  4. Hooper

    How much do you pay for

    40 bucks Aussie bucks. About 37 American I think. Its only 512kb
  5. Hooper

    Any way of removing scratches from PS2 games?

    The freezer thing does fuck all.
  6. Hooper

    Better on PS2 or PC?

    PS2, because I like to play while in bed:)
  7. Hooper

    Who would win in a shootout?

    CJ coz he is from the hood.
  8. Hooper

    Ideal PES team

    Adriano - he is always great (stupidly).
  9. Cool, cheers for the 5 stars mate

  10. Hmm...

    You seem a cool dude here, welcome :)

  11. Uggghh, thats crap. Because I have a 1280x9... monitor and when I ALT+TAB it takes like 10 mins to ajust itself. We need windowed! lol
  12. Hey, is there a way to play SA MP Windowed? Not just Alt+Tabbing between screens - but actually playing the online game windowed?