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I'm looking for a new ride so I subscribed to carfax. PM me if you want a free report for whatever reason.

I was looking up the family cars, found that my dads Oldsmobile was wrecked, along with a Volvo. ^_^

Hi i sent you two PM's

I never received a response to the first one, and thats ok, as those cars are now sold.

So i sent you another PM today for another car.

So if you still have access i would appreciate the report.


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Don't worry. He already ordered a brand new truck, like a week ago... Might be why he didn't reply mate...

Look here

Thanks for the info.

I guess if I just bought a nice truck like his, I would also probably be out riding it, instead of hanging in the forums. :lol:

Ill wait and see if he responds.

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