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  1. I was chatting with a buddy about GTA and he linked me to a download on TGTAP. Decided to check in and say hello ... it's been (literally) ages since I've been here. Any other old members still around?
  2. If you update direct x and dx you might have to not sign into or use the Rockstar Games Social Club.
  3. I had a laptop with Vista for almost a year (sold it now). The only thing that really hindered my using it was a slightly different interface. Other than that, I really didn't notice much of a difference in day-to day operations than with XP. It ran virtual machines, etc fine.
  4. At the time I joined it, it was the only GTA site I could find. I was referred to it by some friends. I didn't even know of anything but GTA forums. After that it was GTA Boards. I was banned from GTA Forums multiple times. Usually the mods would pick a fight, and I'd be dumb and keep it going to the point that I got banned.
  5. 2008. I made a few mistakes I wouldn't mind taking back.
  6. King of the Hill > Family Guy, Simpsons
  7. I'll bump this topic. I'm always wearing jeans, usually dirty looking from working outside / on cars / lawnmowers / etc but clean. Plain Tshirt or hoodie. I rarely wear shorts in the summer. Footwear is always workboots in the inter. If it's spring / fall, possibility of work boots but usually sneakers. The sneakers are always what I can get cheap. In the summer, I wear sneakers, sandals or go around barefoot.
  8. Unmodded it is bullet proof? This might come in handy
  9. Funny, as that's the reccommended requirement. I have an ATi 3850, which is below the reccommended (slightly) and the game runs really smoothly. Perhaps it's programs running in the background or something? I'm running it on a laptop 8600GT
  10. 8600 is on the low end for this game - mine has a bit of trouble running this.
  11. Pretty much haha. We are a bunch of molecules that make cells that make organs that make organ systems that make people. I think of it that way.
  12. I think the 3rd party (to MS) are all the same in terms of speed. Web browsers themselves take little resources and computers are quick and powerful now. I don't even have a preference anymore ... as long as i have my bookmarks I'm happy.
  13. First try updating the game itself with the patches available from rockstar. Next, update your video card drivers.
  14. I backed up my save games a few weeks ago when I had to restore a backup of the game. I put them in the same folder but I can't find them ... How do I get them to work?
  15. I dont recall that happening anytime within the past ... ever? If it was going to get down to -20F, the temperature wouldn't be warm enough to begin with to even remotely cause a tornado. At MOST, the temperature would have been +30 and at that, there's simply not enough moisture in the atmosphere to make it unstable enough for a tornado. Yes, one needs a temperature change, but from 90-70 maybe, not whatever NY gets in the winter.
  16. I can't think what the name of it is ... but the one that is modeled after a Cadillac Brougham sedan.
  17. Single and hating it for sure.
  18. Alright. I will probably end up copying the whole user profile and then sorting through it.
  19. So I got a virus on the PC (Not sure where from) and it wont boot. I need to put the hard drive in an enclosure and pull the savegames off. Any suggestions as to what I have to copy over to do a backup.
  20. I am having the problem that after I edit handling.dat (well rename the orignal and then save the eited one has handling.dat) that the game will not launch on the edited version. I replace it with the original and it launches.
  21. I ended up doing it by driving on the straight road on the island and outrunnig the cops. Seemed like they were waiting at the pay n sprays.
  22. I've done this thousands of times and I cant get it done. The police always see me go in the pay n sprays and I can't get rid of the wanted level. Any suggestions on this?
  23. Overclocking wouldn't affect the memory of the video card - the memory and gpu speeds it would. There are multiple versions of the card by different manufacturers. Some had 512, some had 256.
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