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Driving in the underworld

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I don't use cheats or game code modifiers but will take advantage of glitches :D

1) On a new game I did the drop onto the tunnel in Portland Island and found a Cartel Cruiser (the one that spawns at the Wichita Apartments) on top of the tunnel to St Francis airport - you can shove it around from it's position then drive it along the top of the tunnel. Eventually you have to drive it off the edge and it drops you into the tunnel going away from the airport. The tunnel is empty up until the last section (new game, islands still closed), the traffic ignores you when you're walking there but get into the vehicle and the cars act like you're in their way. The alarm went off on it once and the cops were chasing me...

2) The weapon pickups at the hideouts on the second and third islands will regenerate when you save the game - but this isn't true for the Portland Island hideout - there you can go into your garage to the back wall and come back out and all the weapon pickups will be regenerated, a couple of quick sweeps between the garage and the pickups and you can have several of your weapons maxed on ammo. Do this after getting the 100 packages and your primed to wreak havoc. ;)

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