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  1. I too busy playing GTA:IV. Its pretty cool. But kinda getting boring to me so I decided to do some cheat codes!
  2. In this thread, post how much money you have. I have $3,210
  3. Banned because of asking my mom to go out with you
  4. Lets get it on. *YOUR POSTS DO NOT COUNT* Just make there be as many pages as possible! Don't double post though.
  5. In this website, theres all technology things.
  6. Fuck you xbox360! With your un-free online gaming!
  7. Oh yeah! My big brother in 8th grade is graduating and his gift that he wanted was a PS3 and GTA:IV. He wanted that gift for me. He said he will tell my dad to buy the PS3 & GTA:IV for his gift for graduation. But he'll pass his gift to me. How nice my big bro is!
  8. Thanx, by the way, do you know any other GTA SA modding sites??? (The pic below is my drift Fairlady Z for Forza Motorsport 2 (Gamertag: corvette2006) Here M8! or this
  9. -.- It DOESN'T contain any virus. You're starting a program. I'm just asking. If its not compatible with NETGEAR and if I start the application of changing IP's, then my internet connection could have problems. Could shut down my router. Effect it really bad. P.S. Sorry for not replying back earlier. I was looking up JabbaWockeeZ on www.youtube.com
  10. Re-install, install MTASA DM, and your set to go
  11. So, I watch This vid tutorial on how to change IP Address'. BUT, does it work with any routers? Does it work with modems? My router is NETGEAR. Please answer.
  12. Well what I think is that it may exist is someone made that .dff file
  13. Hey Jugo! Remember me? Young_Josh?

  14. Just re-install it. It will be much better than before.
  15. Yeah but it sucks. Not downloading it anymore.
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