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Occasionally I report stupid topics or duplicate topics so they can be locked. I tried to report a similar topic just now, but when I clicked it, it took me to the top of the page instead. Normally the Report screen appears so I can type why it should be locked, and whatever else. Is this just a problem from my end, or does it happen for everyone else?

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Report button works fine for me just now. It isn't javascript, so you don't need that enabled for it. Try opening it in a new windows, or copying the link manually into the address bar (easier with Firefox).

Otherwise, try Manually reporting the post with the following url:


Change [[[topic_ID]]] to the ID of the topic that you see in the url of the topic page (14325 here), and change [[[post_ID]]] to the ID of the post you want to report. To find the post ID, click on the "Post #1" link in the top-right of the post, and at the end of the box that comes up it has &p=215277 (for your post above) so put that there.

So to report your post above, you need the following link


But for now, you could just PM either myself or Sky and we'll sort it out.

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