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Firefox problems


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Something very strange has happened to firefox...

Whenever i right click on a page, image, text, anything (even spelling errors), it displays the word 'obviously' in the menu... Which is weird.

It only started happening when i booted up my PC about half an hour ago. I was on a page with javascript... and i right clicked a link to open in new tab, and it said 'obviously', i though it was because of the javascript... and Firefox got confused.. but it happens everywhere!

Pic included, obviously. :P


Doubble yoo tee eff guyz?

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Meh, don't really want to reinstall. Too much bother, I'll disable my add-ons or something and see if that clears it.

I doubt it's a virus though, if it is.... then what the fuck's it doing saying 'obviously'? shouldn't it be like, stealing my account details and shit? Instead of giving me random spelling suggestions?


Edit: Gotta wait for FF to restart, but i got a trailer loading... I'll edit this...

Meh, disabling my dictionary addons worked, thing is, i got 2, so I'll see which is causing the problem...

Meh, fixed it.

Section mod for Computer and Tech can lock this,....

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Well, im glad it's sorted then.

I've heard of a virus that people send you on MSN, it constantly makes you say random phrases like "Shoot Presidnet Bush" and shit.

But not obviously.

MSN viruses are really lame. You really have to hit the bottom to make one of those. Like anyone pays attention to these anyway.

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