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thinking of making big mod, but need big help :P

Miller kid

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alright i have an idea to change and entire city, i want to make the whole place into a huge abandoned factory city, im thinkin of doing it to las venturas becuase its in a desert, im gonna keep all the shops and stuff and probably reskin it to look factory-ish but i'll replace most buildings that dont affect the main missions and that dont really do anything in game with gaint water tanks, power poles, pipes/big chimneys, wire fences and factory buildings etc. all the stuff found at the docks and the quarry in lv desert, i could probably do this all with map maker. i also want to change the roads to dirt roads but i dont know if i can, but the last problem is I want to change the texture of everyhting so its rusty iron and corrogated metal. is anyone able to help me in any way, what should i leave alone in case of any bugs that might occur?

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I Wouldn't Try. :mellow:

If Your Feeling Like Spending A Year To Make A New City Look Then Try Checking Out The TXD Editor Thingy. It Loads All The Textures For Cities (As Well As Cars And Weapons Ect.) You Will Just Need To Figure Out Which Ones Are Las Venturas Ones, Extract Them As A bmp or png or Whatever, And Then Edit Them.

This Will Probably Take You Half Of Your Life To Make. The Game Designers Took Over A Year To Make San Andreas And They Are Proffesionals. I'd Stick To Modding Things One By One.

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no offense but i can already see the thread about you failing to make the mod.so i dont think it will work out

not just you many have posted in the forum saying lets make a big mod when you can drive submarines and do cool stuff.so i guess if you wannna try to make one like deji said start small.

good luck

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