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Super Mario glitch, PS2

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I know this is a little dated, but I still see new posts for VCS from time to time (no surprise w/ the delay of GTA4).

Here's a helpful tidbit for those who haven't heard of it yet. (PS2 only)

Start at Stonewall J's in Little Havana, as you leave, look left at the empire site. Go west through the empty lot between

them towards the Airport & look for Orange safety fence around a hole exposing a huge concrete pipe. This is where

patience comes in, jump onto the middle of the pipe & when you land on the right spot you will warp to the golf course, on

the OTHER side of the barrier. Hoof it to the police station in Washington & take the stairs to the roof & pick up a sweet

sniper rifle & a Police Maverick.

Sometimes it dumps you in front of the Little Havana PD, keep trying.

When empire sites come open, you can buy a couple as they start coming up for sale. No war started & you can hunt for

your red balloons in peace.

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So this doesn't affect PSP users? Damn, I've wanted to try this out, but I guess I might get to since it's only for PS2 Users. Well, I for one never knew this existed, but I'll try it out whenever I go to my cousins house, he's got VCS on PS2 and he's not much of a Mission Player, but more of a free roamer, if you know what I mean. Does this also mean that you can access the bridges? Because usually, there would signs and their would objects blocking the road.

I guess I'll be trying this stuff out soon on my brothers PS2 with his uber HD TV. Thanks Urban Outlaw!

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