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  1. Got my copy of Home Premium today. Anyone else got theirs early?
  2. Happy Birthday duuude!!11!!!1!11

  3. uTorrent. Easy to use, fast, never been bothered to try anything else.
  4. ATI: http://www.ebuyer.com/product/169034 NVIDIA: http://www.ebuyer.com/product/165582 Did some digging on eBuyer, those are the best two cards I could find for your budget. You could check around on other sites, overclockers etc.
  5. Ooh, I am very excite. Hope it all goes smoothly.
  6. Completed World at War yesterday on Regular difficulty, trying my luck on Hardened now. Might play some GTA IV later.
  7. As some of you may know, some retailers a few weeks back were doing a special pre-order deal for Windows 7. In the UK, you could find the Home Premium E edition for £50 and the Professional E for a bit more. I managed to pre-order the Home Premium E edition for £44.99 from PC World which is a pretty good deal IMO. Of course now they've stopped and are doing it for about 80 (Home Premium and 100 and something for the Professional and Ultimate editions.
  8. I think it looks nice, but like Steam, I don't like the tabs. Probably the thing that pissed me off most about Firefox 3.5. Meh, I'll probably get used to it.
  9. Nice curtains Llama. Chris, he's not a homosexual, he just hasn't grasped the concept of puberty yet.
  10. TigerDirect ship worldwide, the only problem is that is quite expensive to do so. You'd be looking at maybe another 100$.
  11. Pics or you're lying. I think if I tried chicken fillets, I'd just end up eating them.
  12. GTA Don


    I hardly ever use add-ons, except for Personas and DownThemAll. Currently using the Gray and Black theme with Personas.
  13. Eminem - Beautiful This song is really good
  14. Relentless is very awesome, although I drink Red Bull more. Monster is probably the energy drink I drink the least, dunno why. Has anyone tried Boost? It's alright, not as good as Red Bull or the others. It looks a bit like piss as well lol.
  15. Boxers and thongs, most of the time. I have a few pairs of briefs but I rarely wear them.
  16. I only shower in the mornings or when it's a hot day and I get really sweaty. Some weekdays, I don't shower, that's usually because I have to leave quite early for school but then I do shower after school.
  17. 650w is recommended for more hardcore stuff (CF, SLI) it will still be fine on a good quality 550w PSU.
  18. We finish on the 17th July for me I think. School's been pretty boring, same old shit, maybe a few fights but that's pretty normal in schools.
  19. Dunno if I'm allowed to do this but it's bonersgamesforums.com. It has a forum for GTA related stuff and general discussion about the games.
  20. @Husky : Hey Courtney! Boris was actually suppost to be my real name. But 'eh my mom wanted Courtney. I honestly don't believe that. At least Boris is believable.
  21. No, you choose to kill Dimitri or work with him and earlier on in the game, you can choose whether to kill Darko or not.
  22. It's not mine. If I carried around that much cash, I would probably get robbed before I even left my house. It's my Dad's. the_real: Haha that's what my friends thought as well lol
  23. Yes, yes I know this is a massive bump.
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