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Radio Station Information

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In here you will find out information regardin the GTA Vice City Stories Radio Stations. It will contain track information for all those who have indeed lost the in game manual.

The track lists will be in order from which they are heard from the game.



FLASH FM - Pop Radio Station

DJ: Teri voiced by Zan Aron

Co-Host: Toni voiced by Maria Chambers


"Gloria" by Laura Brannigan

"Human Touch" by Rick Springfield

"The one thing" by INXS

"Easy Lover" by Philip Bailey & Phil Collins

"The Warrior" by Scandal

"Love Resurrection" by Alison Moyet

"Games People Play" by The Alan Parsons Project

"Family Man" by Hall & Oates

"Love is a battlefield" by Paul Benatar

"Wouldn't it be good" by Nik Kershaw

"Together in Electric Dreams" by Phil Oakley & Giorgio Moroder

"It's my life" by Talk Talk

"Destination Unknown" by Missing persons

"Don't let go" by Wang Chung

"Apaloosa" by Gino Vanelli

"Turn it on again" by Genesis

"Living on the ceiling" by Blancmange

"Come back & stay" by Paul Young



V-Rock - Rock/Heavy Metal Radio Station

DJ: Couzin Ed

Intern: Lazlow


"Holy River" by Dio

"Queen of the Reich" by Queensrÿche

"Lick it up" by Heart

"Breaking the Chains" by Dokken

"All I'm gonna take" by Autograph

"Balls to the wall" by Accept

"Rock you like a hurricane" by Scorpions

"Long stick goes boom" by Krokus

"Strangle Hold" by Ted Nugent

"Round and Round" by Rat

"Electric Eye" by Judas Prince

"Looks that Kill" by Mötley Crüe

"Mental Health" by Quiet Riot


Should I continue?

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