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    I wasn't even legally allowed to play GTA when I joined here because looking at my old profile picture of me standing on tower bridge, I must've been 13/14. Luckily the last thing I downloaded on my PC was someone trying to calm a potato down, so it is a fitting swap. I see a few names here that I remember! Hey there folks! It's been an age a while. Eh, since I was last active here? Jumps over 10 years in time. I finished high school, moved away from home briefly to go to university and study graphic design, which I've graduated in and working in retail now. I still play GTA, recently finished the story of GTA V again a week ago (so I could do some achievement hunting on console) but mostly I spend my life on discord or playing Overwatch these days.
  2. GTA Vice City Gameplay & Help Suggestions and Feedback If you have any suggestions or feedback please do not hesitate to post in here. It is recommended that you do post your problem or suggestion otherwise we cannot do anything about it. This topic is not for posting problems, feedback or suggestions about Grand Theft Auto Vice City or about Mods made for GTA Vice City - this is what this forum is made for. A log will be made of suggestions - along with the suggestion's status - and feedback. Suggestion and Feedback history: No History as of Sunday 27th September 2009
  3. Welcome to the GTA Vice City Gameplay & Help Forum. Here, you can post your problems about Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Please post topics about GTA Vice City Mods in here. About this Forum The GTA Vice City & Help Forum enables you to post your problems regarding Vice City. Problems in the past have included problems with a particular mission, a game bug or glitch and topics looking for information. To save you from searching for an answer, here is a topic which will help you find information about a particular problem or topic in GTA Vice City: Click Here (incomplete) What is a forum boss? To find out more about who a forum boss is then please click here. What to do and what not to do Despite being the Forum Boss, I am not here to take charge of the forum, just to simply make sure that discussions are being 'discussed' properly without fighting, spam or off-topicness. I am not in charge of members and I am not a member of staff. The quality of the content in this forum is not just my responsibility but it is also your responsibility too. If a friendly discussion ends up into a debate with flaming then the topic will be closed and it will effectively be a ruined topic - please do not let this happen. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and people should not be flamed for stating it. Suggestions & Feedback If you have any suggestions on how the forum could be improved, please just drop a reply in the following topic: Feedback and Suggestion topic
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    Favourite Gang Car

    What do you think. Yakuza Stinger
  5. Frequently Asked Questions: Grand Theft Auto Vice City Here is a list of FAQs that have been asked quite a lot in this forum, however it is still currently under construction and will be expected to be complete soon. Please also note that this topic could change quite rapidly meaning that the titles, given section numbers and questions may change. Each subject has been assigned a number, each heading is assigned a two digit number (0.0) while each question is assigned a three digit number (0.0.0), this makes searching for your question much easier. If you search up 11.1 then you will get the heading in the contents and the main heading of that topic which is "Bodyguards", however, if you were to search up 11.1.1 you would get the first question in that heading - this makes searching faster. Here are the main headings that questions are currently under: Storyline Missions 1.1 Storyline Missions (Vice Point, Washington Beach, Ocean Beach and Prawn Island) 1.2 Storyline Missions (Starfish Island and Leaf Links) 1.3 Storyline Missions (Downtown, Little Haiti, Little Havana, Viceport and Escobar Int. Airport) Vehicles 2A Vehicles 2.1 Cars 2.2 Bikes 2.3 Planes 2.4 Boats 2.5 Helicopters Properties 3.1 Housing 3.2 Businesses 3.2.1 Malibu Club 3.2.2 Pole Position Club 3.2.3 Boatyard 3.2.4 Sunshine Autos 3.2.5 Kaufman Cabs 3.2.6 Printworks 3.2.7 Cherry Popper Ice Cream 3.2.8 Interglobal Film Studio Weaponry 4.1 Guns 4.2 Melee Side-Missions 10.1 Robbing Stores 10.2 Ambulance Missions 10.3 Firefighter Missions 10.4 Vigilante Missions 10.5 Other Side Missions 10.6 Stats Other 11.1 Bodyguards 11.2 Save Games 11.9 Other Questions 2A Vehicles 2A.1 Where can I find x vehicle? Try: http://gta.wikia.com...n_GTA_Vice_City There is a huge list of GTAVC vehicles on there 3.2 Businesses 3.2.1 Malibu Club How much money does the Malibu Club bring in? It brings in $10,000 How much money do I need to buy the Malibu Club? It costs $120,000 3.2.2 Pole Position How do I get the asset of the Pole Position club? You need to spend at least $600 watching a dancer in the private room at one time. How much money can I earn from the assets of the Pole Position club? You can earn $4000 a day. 10.1 Robbing Stores 10.1.1 How do I rob a store? To rob a shop, enter any shop that has a clerk with a brown shirt on and aim your gun (it only works for certain guns) to the shopkeeper's head whilst standing in front of him. After a few seconds, the store alarm will ring and you will receive some cash and a wanted level - which will increase gradually. Then you must run from the store and evade the police. (Thanks to DarkLord)10.1.2 Do I have to rob stores to complete the game? Yes, you need to rob all 15 stores in Vice City.10.1.3 What are these stores? Bunch of Tools - Washington Beach, near Police Department Corner Shop - Vice Point, near the Hospital Jewellery Shop - Vice Point, near the Golf Course Pharmacy - Vice Point, near the corner shop Cafe Robina - Little Havana, near Sunshine Autos Doughnut Shop - Little Havana, near Cherry Popper Laundromat - Little Havana, near the Printworks Screw This - Little Havana, near Sunshine Autos Ryton Aide Pharmacy - Little Haiti, near the Pay 'n' Spray Jewellery Shop - Downtown, near Rock City Pharmacy - Downtown, near the Jewellery Shop Gash - North Point Mall Jewellery Shop - North Point Mall Hardware Shop - North Point Mall Music Shop - North Point MallThanks to Chris's "GTA Vice City 100% Checklist" 10.2 Ambulance Missions 10.3 Firetruck Missions 10.4 Vigilante Missions 10.5 Other Side Missions 10.6 Stats 10.6.1 What does "Fishes Fed" mean? -It presumably means the amount of times Tommy has drowned since you began the game. 10.6.2 What does "Stores Knocked Off" mean? - This is the amount of times you have robbed a store while playing the game. 11.1 Bodyguards 11.1.1 How do you unlock bodyguards? - You can unlock the Bodyguards as soon as you have completed the game 100% 11.1.2 Where are the bodyguards located? - As you walk into your mansion you should notice a door on the right. Go into this room and you can find 3 bodyguards, health, armour and a colt python with about 100 bullets. (Thanks to Zimoo) 11.1.3 What do the Bodyguards do? - The bodyguards protect you while you are out and about Vice City. If anyone were to attack you then they would attack them. 11.1.4 How many times can I use the Bodyguards? - Multiple times. 11.1.5 But it won't let me use them. What's wrong? - If you're not allowed to use the Bodyguards, it probably means that you don't have enough money to buy them to use them. 11.1.6 What guns do they carry? - The bodyguards carry Uzi 9mm, just like the Vercetti Gang. 11.2 Save Games 11.2.1 Where do I put save games once I have downloaded them? - Copy them to My Documents\GTA Vice City User Files. In case the slot is already taken replace the digit 1 from GTAVCsf1.b to an empty slot in your game (between 1-8) Thanks to Darklord. 11.9 Gameplay Questions 11.2.1 How do I take Screenshots in GTA Vice City? - Hit PRINTSCREEN then pause the game. Then press the windows button or somehow get back to your desktop. Once there, open a graphic program and right click then select paste. (Thanks to Urbanoutlaw) - Use Fraps: www.fraps.com ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) compiled by Thomas. Still in development. Total Number of Questions (as of 18/12/2009 at 5:56 pm GMT): 18
  6. The Zero Missions are my Least Favourite because i cant stand "ZERO"
  7. Thomas.

    About Vice City

    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - Introduction to the game as said on the official website. Welcome to Vice City. Welcome to the 1980s. Having just made it back onto the streets of Liberty City after a long stretch in maximum security, Tommy Vercetti is sent to Vice City by his old boss, Sonny Forelli. They were understandably nervous about his re-appearance in Liberty City, so a trip down south seemed like a good idea. But all does not go smoothly upon his arrival in the glamorous, hedonistic metropolis of Vice City. He's set up and is left with no money and no merchandise. Sonny wants his money back, but the biker gangs, Cuban gangsters, and corrupt politicians stand in his way. Most of Vice City seems to want Tommy dead. His only answer is to fight back and take over the city himself. From the decade of big hair, excess and pastel suits comes a story of one man's rise to the top of the glamorous, hedonistic metropolis of Vice City. He's set up and is left with no money and no merchandise. Vice City is a huge urban sprawl ranging from the beach to the swamps and the glitz to the ghetto, and is the most varied, complete and alive digital city ever created. Combining non-linear gameplay with a character driven narrative, you arrive in a town brimming with delights and degradation and are given the opportunity to take it over as you choose. Continued here.Main Characters Main Characters Voice of Tommy Vercetti Ray Liotta Sonny Forelli Tom Sizemore Lance Vance Philip Michael Thomas Ken Rosenberg William Fichtner Colonel Cortez Robert Davi Ricardo Diaz Luis Guzmán Avery Carrington Burt Reynolds Kent Paul Danny Dyer Umberto Robina Danny Trejo Phil Cassidy Gary Busey Mitch Baker Lee Majors Mercedes Cortez Fairuza Balk Jezz Torrent (Love Fist) Kevin McKidd Willy (Love Fist) Mark Hanlon Dick (Love Fist) Peter McKay Percy (Love fist) Russell Foreman Weapons Melee Weapons Weapons Description Brass knuckles are slightly more powerful than the standard fist. You only need one or two swings to waste someone. The screwdriver can quite easily damage vehicles and waste people. A great choice for a starter melee weapon. You can buy these from hardware stores around Vice City The hammer is just the same as the screwdriver however it can inflict slightly more damage on things. This can also be bought from hardware stores across Vice City. The golf club can seriously harm a person and destroy a vehicle, it is quite powerful. You can obtain one of these for free by driving a caddy or going to the golf club. The nightstick has almost the same power as the gold club. You can obtain one by killing a cop. The baseball bat is the same as the golf club if not more powerful. The knife is good for hacking people, however you cannot slit peoples throats in GTA Vice City. Meat Cleaver: same as the knife Machete: same as knife The Katana is similar to the knife but it is even more powerful. It can hack peoples' heads off after one or two swings The chainsaw is the most powerful melee weapon. People run away if it makes even a noise in the street. Pistols Weapons Description This is basically the most standard gun in the game, every police officer carries it. It is a very common gun and can bought in most of the Ammu-Nation stores. The official name of this particular pistol is called the Colt .45. The Colt Python is more effective as a weapon than the Colt .45 as it causes more damage to the victim. It can kill with one bullet, however it only carries 8 bullets per round. Shotguns Weapons Description The Chrome Shotgun is most common shotgun you can find. You will receive one with five rounds as soon as you enter a police car. It can do a heavy amount of damage and can often kill a person with one shot. The Stubby Shotgun can do slightly more damage than the Chrome Shotgun but it isn't as fast as the SPAZ-12's firing. It can also kill someone with one shot. The SPAZ-12 Shotgun is the most powerful shotgun in the game. It will take two to four rounds to blow up a vehicle. Sub-Machine Guns Weapons Description The Tec-9 isn't the best of all the guns but it has the highest amount of capacity for bullets. The Ingram Mac 10 is slightly better with more rapid firing. It is a better choice than the Tec-9. You can also run and fire at the same time and it is quite cheap too. So it's a good gun to get a hold of. The Uzi 9mm isn't as good as the Mac 10 however, it has enough power to wipe out a crowd quite fast. It is quite popular so is worth using in GTA Vice City. The MP5 is the best Sub-Machine gun in GTA Vice City. You can wipe out a crowd of people quite fast with this so it is worth using. Assault Rifles Weapons Description The Ruger isn't as good as the other assault rifle and is most likely the first assault rifle you will encounter. 1st Person aiming isn't all that great and the gun's firing power is rather low. Not a good gun overall. The Colt M4 is more effective than the Ruger but it still isn't good due to the first person aiming. It has a better firing power and is recommended as a gun for under 3 wanted stars. Heavy Weaponry Weapons Description The Rocket Launcher is self explanatory. It shoots rockets, once these rockets hit something or someone then there is an explosion... BOOM! It is a great gun to use in police chases of virtually any level. You cannot travel on foot fast with this thing though. The Colt M60 is arguably the second most powerful gun in the game. You can kill with one shot with this gun and it'll take four or five shots to blow up a car. It isn't used by anyone other than Tommy so you'd have an advantage against almost everyone else in the game. The Flamethrower is also self explanatory, it shoots out flames. It is quite a powerful gun. especially with big crowds. It causes death almost instantaneously. The minigun is the most powerful gun in the entire game, if not the entire GTA series. It will annihilate anyway in your way including people, cars and any other vehicle. You can buy one of these off of Phil Cassidy later in the game. Sniper Rifles Weapons Description The Sniper Rifle is the most basic Sniper Rifle. It is good for shooting from a distance as it has a scope on it and will blow someone's head off if you shoot it - but you have to aim for their head for this to happen. The PSG-1 Laser Sniper Rifle is almost the same as the Sniper Rifle. It is better than the other one. It has a better aim, a better range and comes with a laser. This is the better choice although there isn't that much difference between the two. Projectiles Weapons Description The grenade is the most common projectile and arguably the most powerful. It's a good weapon to use in crowded areas and it gives you around 3 seconds to run away before it explodes The tear gas isn't really an effective weapon as it doesn't kill people. It aids you by creating a cloud of smoke in a certain area where you aim and reduces visibility within the smoke for you run away or kill people in the gas. This can only be found behind the Police building in Washington Beach The molotov cocktail is quite a powerful projectile, you can throw it and when it hits the ground it bursts into flames, burning victims to death. This is the same as a grenade, however you detonate it by remote control. Health and Armor There are two types of Power Ups in GTA Vice City: Armor and Health. Having health is vital for completing the game. If Tommy runs out of health then 'Wasted' will show up on the screen and will begin to fade out. After that, Tommy will be at the nearest hospital, losing all of his weapons and having to pay $100 for the treatment. Health is basically the amount of damage Tommy can take, if it goes below 10 then it is advisable that you get pick up a power up. Armor isn't a necessity for completing the game, however it is recommended for Tommy to endure battles for longer. Picking up an armour power up will increase Tommy's likelihood of surviving in a battle by 100 points - it's like having 200 health. There are ways you can increase the maximum armour and health limit: If you complete 10 levels of the Pizza Delivery side missions then you will get 150 health points. If you complete 12 levels of the Vigilante side missions then you will get 150 armour points. If you complete the game 100%, you will get 200 health and armour points. Here is a list of locations where you pick up health and armor: Click Here Please note that all locations indicated with a star (*) are places in which obtaining the power up costs Tommy. Places without the star (*) are free. Links on The GTA Place GTA Vice City: Click Here Screenshots: PC, PS2 and Xbox Artwork: Click Here Vehicles: Click Here Weapons: Click Here Cheats: PC, PS2 and Xbox
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    New Year, New TGTAP

    Happy New Year guys! I may make a return but I keep saying that, so who knows. GTA V being around the corner is a perfect opportunity to get TGTAP back to what it was in terms of activity. Nice changes thus far ^^
  9. Belated Happy New Year / Christmas to all :3

  10. I can haz mudkipz trolololol - mmk

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    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year folks!
  12. Month late but Happy Birthday! Also Merry Christmas, oh yeah, and Happy New Year! :P I really ought to come on here more often... How you been lately?

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    Rebuild TGTAP

    I feel somewhat bad, I used to contribute a lot to this forum and I still feel like a part of the community despite going, as one could say "AWOL" for the near part of a year, coming back once every two or three months. The big issue here isn't with the forums, it's that the GTA series has died because there has been a sheer lack of any information on any new game that could potentially be released in the next few years. That's what GTA communities need, a brand spanking new GTA game for everyone to get excited about. Moving swiftly on... As for the poll, I voted on the following: - New and more active staff: I feel somewhat guilty here as well, being a forum boss. I haven't been around to look after the Vice City Forum. With regards to this issue, it's weird that I know every single one of the staff members and I have only been gone a year and a half - in other words, it's practically the same since I left, except there's no Spaz The Great anymore. - Extra site features and new types of content: Self explanatory, although I'm not quite sure what needs to be added but it would be certainly a good addition. - Focus on the gang system again: I would totally rejoin the Fiore Family Mafia if it were to be recreated, of course, the gang system would need to be rebooted. I would never have a problem with the gang system, in fact, it kept me on here when I was bored. It will certainly increase activity but I know that not everyone will be for this option. I gave me some great memories to say the least. In the likely event that after I post this message I won't be seen for another 2 months (Facebook and MSN non-inclusive for those who have either), I would like to wish you good luck in revamping and hopefully bringing the forums back up to its former glory, or better. Alternatively, I could try to come on here more often, I miss talking to some of you guys, especially Scott., Spider-Vice, mpilk, Gerard and so on... it could be good to return as a full time member
  14. Uh... a bit late but my third Happy New Year in a row to the TGTAP!

  15. Blimey... it's pretty dead here :(

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      Yep, Chris refuses to do anything :/

  16. Blimey... it's pretty dead here :(

  17. I guess I have returned again for the 17th time this year D: :P

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      Make your mind up!!

  18. Thanks! And I have an Xbox 360 but still no LIVE unfortunately. I'm not going to bother since I'll find it damn near impossible getting internet in my room without spending an extra £50 for a wireless connector thing. :(

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    Terrorism 2010

    As we have recently heard on the news, terrorism seems to be making a comeback in many lives - not the ever so minor car bombs and shootings but the larger ones involving aeroplanes. Today the British government raised the terrorism attack threat level to "Severe", one step below critical as this follows the planned and failed attack on Detroit on Christmas 2009. Recent terrorist attacks, attacks that have happened in the past few years in the UK were the Glasgow Airport bombing in which nobody innocent died and the London attacks. Obviously it's not just the UK being effected but these were some of the worse. The United Kingdom will be introducing full body scanners at many major airports next week. I don't really like the idea of this, our privacy is being intruded by the government whenever we want to leave the country or travel domestically within the country. Do you think there will be a major terrorist attack this year? Or will it be another way for the press and governments to scare us?
  20. RDR is great :D

    1. Miles Pedro Prower

      Miles Pedro Prower

      I wish I could get a Xbox

      or PS3... =(

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      The Bossman

      There's gonna be a patch soon stopping people from repeatedly killing a person in free roam and they can't escape without quitting, amongst other fixes. Will make the game even better.

  21. Good birthday lie-in... :3

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    Finally 16... but only by a few minutes. WOOOOOO! This be my 3rd year on here, wonderful site. :3
  23. Not really apart from becoming Prefect in school but that's not really insane :P you?