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Target your gun on someone and listen.

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When Vic targets someone, he sometimes says stuff. Here's stuff he says when he targets a random person.

-Yeah, be scared

-Your life is about to expire

-yeah it's a gun

-time to rest in peices

-be very careful now

-another dead cut.

-oops, a dead end.


-die, street trash

-cause of dead, this f**ker

-gonna survive, i doubt it.

-meet my gun

-this ain't no movie, and it ain't no kids toy.

-yeah, you understand now, huh?!

-This is a shortcut to hell

-just cleanin the sh*t

-This might sting alittle

-this train stops here

-your biggest mistake, being born

-yup, im gonna shoot you

-no one gonna miss you

-f**k you

-thats it for you, b*tch

-go to hell

-you like wooden boxes?

-don't make me nervous

-kiss your ass goodbye

-next stop, the cemetary

-you got life insurance>

-you about to be wasted

-enough horse sh*t

-you have every right to sh*t yourself

-hey stiff

This is all I could hear him say. If you hear him say anything else, post it up here.

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