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I've read all the previews, and in each one something different happens. (Example) Niko goes in through the passenger window, and plants a bullet in the drivers face, his head then rolls to the left as brain matter issues fourth, brutal & shocking. :coolthumbup:

In another preview when Niko gets shot, he holds his stomach, and blood is visible on his clothing :coolthumbup:

On gameinformer.com they also have a preview, but at the end of it Niko shoots a rather large man in the face while he was eating a burger, the man begged for his life, but lost it and the sandwhich :coolthumbup:

Many of you may have seen the new picture with Niko standing behind a bullet riddled car. Now imagine that same picture with a person present in the vehichle.( >.< Ouch!)

Do you think Rockstar is taking the Blood, Gore, and Violence too far, or do you think this is just another great game feature?

Before you answer take into credit all that you've heard.

(The new sense of realism, The new graphics engine, and Euphoria)

Also do you think this might affect the game's rating negatively?

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Not taking it too far, just showing how good the game will be, and you can get killed gruesomely you know. I think in previous GTAs, it was just you hit they die, now its more like you hit see what happens, retreat hit again etc. More complicated and better now since there are more target points such as the legs and stomachs and even a quick head shot.

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