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GTAIV's release marks minus 1,000 days left...

Harwood Butcher

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Uhhh...that website you posted was really cool but the part about "When the big dogs will howl" I think thats the united states because Maine looks like a wolfs head howling and i can't remember but i think lake erie is it's ear, Florida is it's paw and Texas is it's hind leg and California is it's tail. I'm not sure if thats a coincedence or if thats what he's talkin about

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That's REALLY pushing the boat out. No offence, but I love how people can twist stories so much to fit what they think it means / want it to mean.

Howling dogs, that obviously refers to the united states. What's so special about that? You live there, so do 200 million other people, and that's about it. Nothing special at all.

That sentence could refer to a billion other things. Actual canines, or important people, or things that look like dogs. Anything metaphorical or literal or whatever.

Again no offence, but you're probably one of those people that takes the bible uber-symbolically?

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