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Shooting Range Score help

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I have 99% completed Vice City.

The list I checked, I found that, the Shooting Range score may be left.

Earlier I finish it, but the score to be beaten was written 30 only.

So, I want to know, what is the score reqd., 30 or 45?

Anybody knows the trick to finish it?

I have come upto 40, but can't go beyond it.

If anyone can finish it for me, its better.

I have done almost 15-16 times, but unable to cross 40.

I have recently posted the topic of RC Bandit & RC baron race two days back.

Anybody champ of this?

Thanks in advance.



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But if you don't want to go for the experience and luck tactic, you could always just shoot the third one. You'll have time left when you finish with the bullets, dont worry. The only thing though to make this easier, shoot the 4 body parts on the 2nd man so you can shoot through it to the third one. It will pick up your pace.

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