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  1. I like most music. There's something good from every genre usually. But most of all. Stadium rock. I am a secret American and there's nothing like some Bon Jovi or some Aerosmith or Bruce Springsteen to get me rockin'.
  2. Pre-ordered F1 2010. It's now been dispatched too so i'm quite chuffed. Amazon £35 inc postage. Bargain.
  3. Cheers, you guys! --- I didn't really have a party before so i'm going to have more of a do next weekend. Better to celebrate it properly.
  4. I'm pretty much with you. I don't want too much more spoiled. I am curious to know what kind of Storylin elength we're talking about in terms of game hours but I can't think of much else.
  5. It's 45. Bloody tough too. There's a cheat that you can use to get more ammo for your pistol. But that is cheating and will tarnish your 100% I guess that it's just practice and obviously a little luck when it gets hectic. I struggled too. Just keep trying!
  6. Looks pretty genuine to me and I haven't seen that before. Erm, I'm guessing that she'll be like that bikini woman from Vice City. And not actuall be a character in the game.
  7. Glad that you both like the site. You'll like it more once you get to know everyone. Stick around, enjoy!!
  8. I think that my current picture is nearly 2 years old. Time for an updated shot: Taken on my birthday. lol
  9. Wow, you made the effort to make the thread and it's a double!! Awesome. Thanks and thank you to everyone else posting in the thread. - Including Connor. --- Pretty ok Birthday, though not a typical 18th. Just hada couple of beers infront of the Arsenal game. And they won 2-0. Bloody fantastic result! Thanks again.
  10. I'd quite like an inside view I guess. Doubt that I would use it all that much though, I rarely do with racing games and others. Prefer the default behind car cam.
  11. Haha, that's pretty neat. Doubt i'd add it as a wallpaper as I have a good one as it is...
  12. That's some really funny stuff. Glad they kept this from San Andreas. Do we think that we can still buy food? It may not affect our weight but we can still throw up etc or gain health..
  13. The Only Ones > Another Girl, Another planet.
  14. He had like a 5 minute segment of the Talk Station LSTR or whatever it was called. Took me a while to find out too. Wasn't his best performance i'd say and not that long either so if you haven't yet heard it you aren't missing out on too much.
  15. This reminded me of Hitman too. Sounds like a good idea. Certainly helps to mix things up a bit. I don't know how much I want multiple storyline endings though...
  16. Lazlow is one of the best bits of GTA. "Let's hit the phones....really hard with our heads." Top stuff!!
  17. A belated Happy birthday from me to you. Hope that you had a great 19th!!
  18. I thought that they had ruined the Yakuza Stinger a bit from GTA3. And so i'll have to go for my second favourite which is the Diablo Stallion. What a noise that made and it looked ace with the flames.
  19. The Manana, in my experience is pretty awful in every way. The Infurnus is my favourite but the Driving school cars are good and other cars worth mentioning are the Regina and the Bloodring Banger/Glendale.
  20. Quite probably. I mean it's the only thing of 2008 that I am particularly waiting for. It's the game everyone is talking about and loads of people have next-gen consoles now so it should be huge.
  21. Triads were pretty cool, but we didn't see enough of them. OGF is pretty much the favourite and the others are just really rubbish, quite enjoyed destroying them.
  22. The pedestrian riot type cheats worked quite well. Along with that, the weapons cheats were also quite useful. Also the health. Never needed to use too many cheats to have fun.
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