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Slayer and Jake answered your question, you can report your own topic if it needs mod attention.

Also, this is in the wrong section itself. Moved.

yeah, i knew it was in the wrong section when i made the original. thats why i edited it saying i'd like it deleted. i sent you a message asking.

edit: thinking about it, would it be possible to give the topic starter the ability to delete their own topic? like you can delete things like blogs or bulletins on myspace, for example...

Edited by Rowie235
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That is a privilege we only grant to members we can trust (the Elite group). It is something that can be abused, and can be used as an excuse to create more topics than necessary.

If you find a topic that requires locking or deletion, simply press the Report button and fill in the form. Don't reply instructing moderators to "delete this now".

On a separate note, if you have a question, it is usually better to ask it in the forums where a lot of people can answer, instead of PMing staff who are very busy and may not be able to help you. A lot of people have always done this, but the forums are there for questions to be asked in, so use it.

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