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i need R-GT kit for murcielago LP640


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look, if someone can make a R-GT kit for my murcielago mod i'll be happy, what i mean?

i have LP640 mod that replace the fortune, if you i can give you download for the mod for u'll can help me.

any way, i want a front bumper and rear bumper that will make the murcielago looks like Murcielago R-GT, the spoiler i can get, and the panitjob i tihnk i can do too but if someone can do it i'll prefer it cuz im not that good about create paint jobs.

some pictures of the R-GT





this pictures are from murcielago R-GT, i want to you to make these kits for LP640, its not that matter, but dont change the exghust or the lp640 or the rear sides, cuz a lil different then the normal murcielago

anyway the front i dont think its that hard, and in the rear i just need this little kit in the middle, and its will become R-GT

thank you for your attention :)

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